13 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY 9-26-20

      • I will probably write more about this in days to come. The words “the sage’s cave” actually came to me in prayer in the early part of this year. They speak of an intensive place of prayer in which I have been finding myself throughout this year to the exclusion of many other things I used to call life.

      • WOW, I am SO impressed, Bro…you need to write a book about this, as the title is so perfect and would grab readers attention. It reminds me of Jonathan Cahn’s The Book of Mysteries…did I mention him and this book before? My old brain’s a sieve 🙂 It’s worth a look, if you’re not familiar. And PS: although I’ve not actively begun it yet, you’ve truly inspired me to make a space for “intensive prayer” like you’ve described somewhat. It was over my b’day weekend that I began approaching the Lord about my desire to do this, and asked His help–for discipline. So, thank you, thank you. And I believe He gave me the name for what we’ll call it–Hedgehog Prayers…this because I have 2 hedgehog pillows, which will make for more comfortable kneeling 🙂

      • I know it’s a crazy thought…but it would be cool to do a collaborative book 🙂 Long-distance honorary siblings ‘n all…

      • I agree with you…God and I often have a laugh over my “great ideas” that He didn’t sign off on… But I like that you have initial excitement. I was thinking ‘alternating chapters’…see how fast my mind runs off with me!

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