It is time for me to SHARE MY WORLD ONCE MORE. This is the weekly challenge where our hostess Melanie asks a few questions and in answering them we all share our worlds.


Here are the questions and my answers. When you have finished here hop on over to Melanie’s place and see how her other contributors have answered.

The first question is courtesy of the magnificent blogger, Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke”). He asked this one last Saturday on a random question post he wrote and I thought it was nifty AND sort of Halloween-y, so I thought I’d include it.
“How many people in real life or on social media (including WordPress, which has become a rather social media site) do you consider good enough friends to help you ‘hide the dead body?”
This is purely a silly and fun exercise, so don’t worry that there are bodies in need of burying. At least I don’t have any…. if you do, I hope you have some good friends who will lend a hand in getting rid of the evidence AND never tell a living soul….

I am not asking anyone to help me hide the body. I am turning myself in. I have watched enough murder mysteries to know murder bites back….so you might as well get it over with up front.

Are You Ready To Order?   What Are You Having (craving) right now?

Olive Garden…

How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods?

It has been rainy and chilly here the last few days. But the rain makes the leaves really pretty.

Lastly, one deep question, because some folks enjoy those.  Prepare yourself.  Or pass. It’s all good!

There has always been something. Before there was something, there was only nothing. Which do you think is more likely?

The something was something injected into nothing before it came from somewhere else.

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Attitude of Gratitude:

What is your favorite time of year?  Why?

I love the Autumn and the Spring. The temperature is perfect. Clothing choices are easier. And there are holidays to celebrate.

Gratitude | Words quotes, Sunshine quotes, Quotes


Well I am getting an early jump once again on THE SHARE YOUR WORLD CHALLENGE. This is the challenge where our hostess Melanie asks a few questions, and in answering them, we all share our worlds. Check it out by clicking the uinderlined link.


Here are the questions and my answers:

When was the last time you tried something new?  How did that go for you?

I feel like the whole world is new and is requiring “new things” of us. I guess the newest thing I am doing is attempting to be an on-lne pastor. That means when I “go” to church, while the rest of the congregation is in the sanctuary listening to our lead preacher preach, I am out in the lobby managing the on-line presence. I am actually having a really good time with it.

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

Follow Jesus. You will never be sorry.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Much older. Most days I feel like I am ready for my retirement cabin…then I look at my retirement account and say to myself, “Back to work Lillie or all you have is a retirement sleeping bag.”

Lastly, I’ll be doing one “Halloween” themed question per week during October.  Those who don’t observe the holiday are welcome to answer or to ignore it as they wish.

Fun  CREEPY Halloween Question:

Have you ever seen a ‘fresh’ corpse (aka dead body)?

Yes. Our neighbor died raking his lawn. My oldest daughter saw him fall and called to us. He was gone in a moment of time.

Do you enjoy any seasonal traditions around this time of year?

In an ordinary year I would be enjoying some our region’s many Fall festivals. I love Apple Fests and Pumpkin Fests.

Some of our local apple orchards are still having such things (I really don’t know how but…), but I don’t feel safe going; So this year I am just making lots of baked apple dishes. I have even been considering making a batch of cider myself.


It is time to SHARE MY WORLD WITH YOU ALL AGAIN. This is the challenge where Melanie asks four or five questions and in answering them we all get to know each other a little better.


Over the last several weeks we have been sharing our world Harry Potter Style with our hosts Melanie and Roger, but this week we are back to a Share Your World Original led by Melanie. Thank you Roger for giving us some different avenues to consider for the last several weeks. Thank you Melanie for keeping this challenge fresh and fun every week for those of us who contribute.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers:

Where do you feel most at home?  Please be more specific than “at home, doh” please. It could be a room in your home, a person, a location…    

I think I feel most at home in what I call “The Sage’s Cave”.

It’s not a place really…more a state of mind. I guess most people would call it meditative prayer. I get really quiet. Sometimes soft instrumental music is playing in the background. I start by listening to or reading Scriptures as I “center down” as the Quakers call the practice. I listen for the still small voice of God and then I follow it where it leads. This place feels like home and is always an adventure.

Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?   

I would rather ride a horse

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But since this is not me (are we even kidding. I would fall off and drown)…I guess I will take a car.

  What song would you sing on “Karoke Night” (if you were forced to do so)?    


University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life?  

I am a big proponent of life experience. When you find something you need to educate yourself about then it is wise to pursue that education.

IT’S AN ATTITUDE – GRATITUDE!  (Participation Always Optional Of Course)

What are you grateful for?


I am so grateful my mother’s cardiologist appointment went well and she does not need to return to him.

Sharing My World HP Style 9-21-20


I am getting a bit of a jump on things this week and I am SHARING MY WORLD WITH MELANIE


This is the challenge where Melanie and Roger have joined forces to ask us question that help us to share our worlds with all of our readers. Here we go!

  1. Have you ever driven the wrong way on a one-way street? How did this come about? I got lost on the one way streets in Worcester (pronounced Wistah) MA when I was young driver. I think I had jury duty or something. I thought I was going to die and my panic just kept growing. Finally I got turned round right and headed for home, so I am thinking I had finished my day and was on my way home. It was a long time before I went back
  2. As a kid, did you ever decide to run away? Did you have a plan? Take a pet? Sandwiches? No. Running away was my sister’s job.
  3. You suddenly found you have a hidden talent for playing a musical instrument. What musical instrument do you hope that accompanies your talent? Any particular song? I have always wanted to play the accordion or the guitar. If I were to play the accordion I would want to be good enough to play some of the really fast polkas. Guitar would have to be some classical latin guitar.
  4. Do you accessorize with jewelry? There was an opal necklace (cursed) and Slytherin’s locket (also cursed) in the Potter story. Have you had any heirloom jewelry passed down through the generations? Is it more ‘keepsake’ or do you wear it on occasion? (Hopefully, yours was not cursed?) I do not generally wear jewelry.

Melanie’s Ordinary Muggle Questions:

What ingredients go into YOUR favorite salad? I like to make tossed salads with lettuce, nasturtium, tomato, cucumber, celery, mushrooms and grapes. I also like cheese and croutons but I don’t often put them in.

If you care to, share something that really irritates you.

poison ivy.

What are your favorite ‘lounging around the house’ items of clothing?  Now that a lot of people ‘lounge around the house’ waiting for the all clear in respect to Covid being shown the door, have those lounging items changed?

I like to wear my plaid pajama pants and a tee shirt. As the nights get colder I will add a sweater or my big maroon bathrobe.

GRATITUDE (as always this is optional)

Please feel free to share something about Autumn (or Spring if you’re gearing up for that) that you especially enjoy! 

My sister has been working at an apple orchard for the last few weeks helping some folks from church bring in the harvest. She brings home a bag of apples everyday. I have gotten to bake a lot!


IT is time to Share My World Harry Potter style with….




This is the challenge where Roger and Melanie asks several questions for Potterites and Muggles alike, and in answering them we all share our worlds.

Here are the questions and my answers.

You have just been gifted a magic wand that specializes in completing household chores. You can request the completion of only two household chores. Which chores would you assign your wand to complete?

I need a wand for the dusting and the vacuuming. These are chores I never seem to get too. Though, if the truth be told I am not good at keeping up with housework period.

At the local Wizards-R-Us store there was a sale on handshake shockers, instant darkness pellets, and levitation pills. Which of these ‘party thrillers’ are you more likely to purchase?

Instant darkness pellets sound way more fun than the others. Now, if they were instant flying pills I might reconsider.

Flying Dream Meaning and Interpretations | Dream Stop

In the alley behind Wizards-R-Us, there was a tradesman selling a Love Potion. The sales pitch was too much for you and you yielded and purchased one vial. What do you do with it?

I store it away for someone who needs it…somewhere where I will be absolutely safe from it.

Love Potion And Flask Of Love Drink. Hand Drawn Vector Illustration..  Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 116739187.

You are the Great Clearinghouse Winner of a new ‘good luck’ potion – Felix Felicis. It has to be used within the next thirty days or its potency becomes diminished. Do you use it? Do you give it to a friend in need?

I am pretty sure good luck is not a thing. The pathway is the pathway, and it is what we need it to be. Trying to change the pathway with luck is not only useless but if we manage it, it can be dangerous. So I would dump it out. No one needs it.

Melanie’s Mundane Muggle Questions:

If everyone spoke their mind, would this world be a better or worse place? Why?

We are not called to speak our minds. We are called to speak the truth in love. Those things are usually very different. My mind often wants to say things that are neither loving or things that are only as truthful as the spin of my opinion. Mostly I don’t trust myself to speak my mind. Why would I trust it in others?
Can achieving nothing make a person happy?

Sometimes I think achievement is overrated. Especially in this culture where achievements are made out of cookie cutters. Everyone thinks a person’s achievements should look exactly like their next door neighbors achievements. That is pretty far from the truth. I think the first question is what were we made to achieve? Shooting for that personal goal is a good thing as long as it is not being done to out achieve someone else.
How do you know if you love someone enough to marry them?

Good golly! Do you have a hundred years to listen to my rant on this? I guess if you can honestly speak the covenant oath then you love them enough. Here’s the thing. What if they get sick? What if they get poor? What if they get rich and the dazzle of riches makes them unfaithful to you? What if you get sick? What if you lose everything because of them? What if you get everything you want but keeping all the stuff means second -classing your relationship so you need to give it up? If you can make the oath to stick with them through all of this and not go seeking another then maybe you love them enough.
GRATITUDE SECTION (as always this is optional)

Please feel free to write about or share an image of something you’re grateful for!

Dani my granddaughter is coming to sleep over Oz’ (that’s me) house this weekend! It’s a first for us and her!

No description available.

Share Your World 9-7-20


Today’s questions are a collaboration between Melanie of Spark From A Combustible Mind. AND Roger Shipp of It’s All in Finding the Right Words.

Check out their blogs when you have finished here and give them a shout out from me.

Here are Melanie and Roger’s sharing questions and my answers:


What happened to cause you to discover ‘bullies” were real?

My mother was a working woman as far back as I can remember. Some of the babysitters my sister and I were left with had kids who were less than kind. I remember one little girl who used to hit us with toys when her mother wasn’t looking. I remember another kid teasing us about how our mother didn’t love us because she worked and she was probably never coming back for us….So I learned about bullies early on.

Eavesdropping- When given the chance, how often do you eavesdrop?   (this may be a similar question to what some folks said they’d do with an invisibility cloak)

I try really hard not to eavesdrop.I will admit it is a part of human nature I struggle with. I think it is a power thing…knowledge is power and all that.

I am always mindful that because I am a Pastor people will frequently try to listen in on my conversations in church settings. I have actually had people come up behind me and plant themselves in a pew while I am trying to have a conversation with another congregant. A few times I have actually had to tell people kindly of course, “This is a private conversation. If you would like to wait over there for me I will speak with you when I am done.”

Escalators, at one time, were the ‘next big thing’. When was the last time you rode an escalator?

I love escalators. The bigger the better. It has been a while, but I love to ride the escalator down into Alewife Station in Boston. I think that is the last escalator I rode, so that would be over a year ago.

A rider makes her way down the escalator at Alewife Station to board...  News Photo - Getty Images

Have you ever ‘let’ someone win in a sports competition or a board game? How did it turn out? 

I used to throw board games all the time when I was a kid. I would get sick of playing and do what I had to do to “get out”. It usually worked out well. I could then go and read or watch TV so “win-win” errr…”lose-win”.

Do our fears start with our DNA?  (Credit to Rory)

I think most things start with our DNA. That said we have a great deal of say over where our DNA takes us. It is nature/nurture and personal responsibility that determine our course not just one of those things.

If you could have your hair any colour for 24 hours, what colour would you choose?  (Credit to Sandmanjazz)

I would be shiny silver.

20 Shades of Hot Gray-Haired Guys | Grey hair men, Silver hair men, Men hair  color

When do you think a person gets old?  (Credit to Rory)

When they decide they are old.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always this is optional)

Please feel free to write about an uplifting moment in your life this week!


Today has been a wonderful day. I have been able to keep to a very fluid schedule which has helped me to accomplish a lot. This music has been helping me along the path all day. I love Celtic Music. I love a day with no unexpected interruptions and lots of fun music.

Share Your World With Harry Potter Week Three

Well it is that time again. For the last several weeks and continuing on through this week and on for a few more, Melanie From “Sparks From A Combustible Mind” will be teaming up with Roger Shipp of “It’s All In Finding the Right Words”, to produce SHARE YOUR WORLD MEETS HARRY POTTER OR HARRY POTTER MEETS SHARE YOUR WORLD depending on which blog you are reading. My suggestion is to read them both when you have finished reading my responses to them.



Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. One of my favorite gifts that Harry Potter received came from the Weasley Twins; and was “Mrs. Mooney’s Marauder’s Map”. This magical document showed every classroom, hallway and secret corner in all of Hogwarts. It also showed you the location- by name- of every person in Hogwarts.  If you had such a magical map of your town, what would you use it for? If you would not use it, is there another person to whom you would gift it? I love knowing things so I would definitely use this map, but most likely I would just keep the knowledge to myself until the time came when knowing something would help someone else out of a jam.
  1. When was the last time you made a snowball? Were in a snowball fight? Oh my! In my world snow is for shoveling and than avoiding. I am not much for snowballs anymore. Now snowmen…. I think it will be fun to build one with the grandkids.
  2. Many cultures set great value in each child of the family having godparents. Did you have godparents? Are you a godparent yourself? I did have god parents, though they were not really active in my life. I think I met them each a few times, but we were not close. I am not a god parent to anyone.
  3. You have found a secret tunnel under your house. Where does it go? To the Sage’s Cave.

Muggle Questions (of a more philosophical bent this week):

Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?  Intelligence without wisdom is pretty darn useless.

How important is play in living a healthy and fulfilling life? For most people play is absolutely essential to leading a healthy life. It is part of the great balance. That said, play means different things to different people. What is play to me is not much fun for other people and I find what most other people call play a lot of work.

Is happiness just chemicals flowing through your brain or something more? Happiness is chemicals. Joy is a spiritual quality that goes far beyond happy.

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional)


Feel free to share some photos, an image, a meme, a story or incident or a poem that helps you feel grateful.  

I heard my second grand daughter’s heart beat for the first time yesterday!

Share Your World Potter Style Week 2 8-17-20

This is week two of the SHARE YOUR WORLD and ROGER SHIPP mash up which we are calling SHARE YOUR WORLD MEETS HARRY POTTER…OR …HARRY POTTER SHARES HIS WORLD…OR HARRY POTTER’S SHARED WORLD…OR…well I guess you can call it whatever you want.

Here are this week’s questions from Roger and Melanie respectively. Use the underlined portkeys above to get to their sites after you have read my answers.

Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. Harry Potter can speak to snakes. If you were able to have conversations with any one animal, what animal would you like to speak to? What would be the topic of your first conversation? I would really like to be able to speak to the bigger animals like bears and lions and wolves and what not. I would talk with them about life in the forest
  2. The portraits in Hogwart’s dormitories can talk. If your graduation portrait could speak to people passing it by, what would it tell them? I really wish he had done something different with his hair. The eighties were not good to anyone’s hair. We all looked like Hermes, Elvira or like someone had fried us in an electric light socket.
  3. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger use the Pollyjuice Potion for finding new clues for the happenings at Hogwarts. (The Pollyjuice Potion is a magic potion that allows your body to form into that of another and live their life for a few hours.) If you could transform into another being, who would you chose to be? What would you hope to learn? I would like to transform into some lowly worker in the President’s surround but whose job took them into Congressional offices as well. I would want to be someone beneath everyone’s notice, someone invited in and then treated like I was invisible so that I could hear the truth….something I am sure none of us is hearing from the powers on high.
  4. There was a flooding in the girl’s bathroom where Moaning Myrtle resides. What has been the most dangerous (or comical) ‘flooding’ where you reside? Our cellar routinely floods in the Sprinter (that season between winter and spring). It’s neither dangerous nor comical just a pain. I am going to have to do something about it this winter.

Mundane or “Muggle” Questions:

(Serious one which is rather creepy):  How do you think you’ll die?  IF you do think about it? I really have no idea. Maybe I won’t. Maybe Jesus will come and “rapture” me home before I drop.

What’s the best on-line screen name you’ve seen? “Best might mean the oddest. I really like SPARKS FROM A COMBUSTIBLE MIND.

What’s invisible that you wish people could see?

GOD. I do believe this will happen eventually.

If over time you replace parts on a car, at what point does it stop being the same car you bought? How many parts do you need to replace to make it a new car?

This is like that tootsie roll question right? The answer of course is the same…Three.

….errr I mean 9,000.