The Heaven Posts

  In these posts I am taking every verse in the Bible that mentions the word Heaven (well almost every verse) and I am writing a devotional thought regarding the verse. These posts are another carry over from “Reinventing the We’ll”. Pt. 93 – Pt. 94 Pt. 95 Pt. 96 – Pt. 97 – Pt. 98– Pt. 99 -Pt. 100 – Pt. 101 -Pt. 102   Pt. 103  Pt. 104   Pt. 105 Pt. 106 Pt. 107 Pt. 108 Pt. 109 Pt. 110 Pt. 111 Pt. 112 Pt. 113 Pt. 114 Pt. 115 Pt. 116 Pt. 117 Pt. 118 Pt. 119 Pt. 120 Pt. 121 Pt. 122 Pt. 125 Pt. 126 Pt. 127 Pt. 128 Pt. 129    Pt. 130 Pt. 131  Pt. 132

5 thoughts on “The Heaven Posts

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  3. When I was very young in the Lord, I was doing my dishes and talking to Him. I was thinking of heaven. Maybe a lot of people think like I had and I said to the Lord, Is heaven all about singing for ever ? Lol.. He gave me a vision a glimpse really and I wrote a poem about it. In seeking what to post I will put that poem up tonight this has encouraged me to do so. As for your MR. Wrinkles post I just read, I would have voted for that also … haha .. we may very well be the same age 😉

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