The Important Noise Called Silence Pt. 2



“We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

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A Question A Day From Rory #8


Today I am answering question #8 out of 9 from  A LIST OF THOUGHT PROVOKERS FROM A GUY CALLED A BLOKE.

You can click the link above to learn more about the asker of the questions, Rory, A guy called a bloke.

This question was actually the one that grabbed my attention and I have been dying to take a crack at it.

What is the difference between innocence and ignorance?

Ok I am going to take this from the standpoint of Christian thought.

First innocence is a condition of the heart while ignorance is a condition of the mind.

Innocence is a type of purity which involves the absence of evil or wickedness. We would say a truly innocent person has no wickedness in them while a reprobate person has no goodness in them. Innocence exists only in the person of God currently and is unknown in our current existence except in our experience with the Divine. It is unknown in humankind as all of us are born with a mixture of both good and evil inside of us. That mixture renders us by definition- not innocent.

Now ignorance is a simply the quality of not knowing something. You can be ignorant of anything. Being ignorant is not necessarily a commentary on your personhood. Although being ignorant puts a person at a disadvantage and sometimes casts the person holding the quality in a bad light.

In Christ’s second coming, Christ will restore innocence and do away with all ignorance.


A Question a Day From Rory #7

Well I am almost to the end of answering these 9 very thought provoking questions FROM A GUY CALLED A BLOKE!

These have been such great questions and fun to answer and they have certainly spawned some great conversations across the  blogosphere. So thank you Rory!

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What is your greatest fear and has it ever come true?

I suppose at the heart of things I have a lot of fears, mostly of not being enough in various ways for the people around me. Yes this particular fear has been made real on more than one occasion.

A Brand New Story!

Hey There everyone! As some of you know, my missionary sister is moving back to the States for a year to travel to churches around the country raising funds for the next phase of her mission work, which is a church designed to reach the artistic community in Europe.

What this means for us as a family is that she and her dog are moving back into the house we co-own with our Mom. So our household will now be: A Mom, 3 ministers, 3 dogs and a cat (flerken).


As a family we have decided to turn this into a reality blog called


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Just a Two-Numb-Fingered Musician


At our last C.cada artists gathering the group project was simple poetry. I wrote several poems and here is one from the “I Am Genre”

Just a Two- Numb- Fingered Musician

I am  just a two-numb-fingered musician.

I wonder what I am going to play next.

I hear the sound of shofars.

I see vultures in Har Megiddo.

I want to see the Rider Whose Eyes Blaze Like Fire astride his whitened steed.

I am  just a two-numb-fingered musician.

I pretend to be a superhero.

I feel brave enough to defeat the Dread Dormamu.

I touch the Time Stone.

I worry that I will miss the bigger picture.

I cry when I hear the song, Hiding Place, especially that second verse.

I am just a two-numb-fingered musician.

I understand Jesus is Lord.

I say, “He’s my Savior!”

I dream visions of the future with background music.

I try to worship through them.

I hope my song tells people of the bigger picture.

I am just a two-numb-fingered musician.

Emrys Of the Fields

Image result for emrys and Vortigern

And why must you know from where I come?

Carmuthen, Aelecti or Demetia’s throne?

An incubus’ child or

A son of a desert mother?

And why must you know from where I come?

The walls still fall.

Don’t they still blame the dragons’ work

On the Devil’s child?


And why must you know from where I come?

I am Emrys of the fields.

Ambrosius chained.

Neither madness nor lineage ever speak my choice.


And why must you know from where I come?

 We all see dragons white and red.

We all see the boar from Tintagel arise.

We all  master error.We all choose our God.

Merlin’s Lament

Image result for Merlin and the tree

And in the end what does it matter?

All the mists of Avalon?

All the mysteries covered in wode?

All the shapes I’ve shifted to make the kings come home?


And in the end what does it matter?

I’ve spoken from the shadows.

I’ve answered my fate and said my prayers.

I’ve built this Camelot behind the throne.


And in the end what does it matter?

Has Morganna really gone?

Has Arthur sailed the Way?

Has Nimue ever loved me alone?


And in the end what does it matter?

I’ve still met the eschatos

I’ve become the tree.

I’ve let the magic drain from my bones.