God says, “The time for self-limiting has come to and end. This will require the fruit of the spirit, self control, in order to stop the self from limiting by its behavior. The self…the flesh and the soul… must come under the control of the Spirit. He will stop your self from limiting you by its desire, hunger, emotionalism or even its untempered logic. In this you will reach the Spirit’s potential for you.”

A Dream of Soldiers

I am prone to vivid dreams and visions. I don’t share most of what I dream. I’m not sure most is worth sharing. But I feel like the time is coming when I will be sharing more of them with my readership. Here is one for the new DREAMS AND VISION CATEGORY:

In my dream on April 12, I walked into a circle of soldiers. All of them were from the same army. They had been frozen in place in the circle and had become like lead. I noted that these soldiers from the same army were fighting each other, but they were in a circle facing each other not drawn up in battle lines. Their faces were frozen in rage and each was in a various position of aggression. I noted that one side of the circle seemed more aggressive and violent than the other, but that they were all ready for battle. The center of the ring was carpeted with dead leaves . The scene around the ring of soldiers was a burned dead forest.

What do you see from the dream?