Where do you find your peace?

Notes From the Vicarage

In my afternoon prayer time the Lord said, “You are beginning to slow down enough to become more consistently creative.”

It is true I have been attempting to be more creative on a more consistent basis. My goal, for the longest time, has been to create a piece of writing and a piece of art everyday.

A fellow artist began posting simple drawing techniques to play with when the stay at home order began. It was then I thought to myself. This time apart could help me establish some of the new habits I have been attempting this year. The dog above was drawn by first writing the number 61 on the page.

One of my problems artistically has always been my consistency. I tend to create in fits and starts. The idea of taking time…prioritizing time everyday has seemed nearly impossible.

That road block which has plagued me for…

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And So I Turned Right

On most days at 3,

I step out my front door

To do my duty.

My little dogs go ahead.

They know the usual way.

We turn left, then left

At the Summer Street signpost.

Down to the white house.

Tip our hats to our friend Pearl.

The lady who smokes outside.

Pandemic days come

And turn the world upside down.

Pearl stays inside now.

The Summer Street sign is gone,

Inexplicably just gone.

And so I turned right,

Yesterday instead of left.

I went to the park.

Empty space. Social distance.

It’s a new experience.

Use It


Notes From the Vicarage

I have always believed that the journey of life is as important as the destination. In fact, when it comes to self discovery I believe that the journey is even more important than the destination. It’s in the journey that we discover our God given roles. It’s in the course of the journey that we discover where we belong in this vast family we call humanity.

The art of self discovery becomes possible only when we stop rushing headlong towards what we see as the goal…the destination, and when we take time to look around at what the journey means to us. What we understand about the journey, how we look at the part of the journey we are on now, helps us understand many things about who we were made to be. There is no right or wrong in this process of discovery just more and less honest.


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