Man I hate the desert and I need it.

Faith Worked Out

Today I planned to post Cinderella (Ever after) but God had other plans.


You know that desert ?

The one you have been cursed to

The one that lasts for forty years

Maybe you haven’t recognized it yet

They all look a little different


It is only in making a lifetime of laps

and asking “why me”

that can lead to the abrasive answer


Some things seem so far removed from the flesh

The complete opposite of who we are.

And no matter the efforts of mortal men

Or even the hopes of a good preacher

It is to the desert that we must be sent ;

For she is the last of skilled teachers


If fighting demons was the obvious cure

Then I would dwell in greener lands

With the enemy mounted on my mantle

Conquered by my own two hands


It is only…

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Share Your World Sept. 25, 2017


I missed last week of sharing my world, and I really missed it! Share Your World is an opportunity for bloggers and their readers to connect through time and cyberspace to learn more about each other. The idea is simple. Cee, the hostess of Share Your World asks 4 questions, and as we all answer them, we share our worlds.

You can click the underlined link above to go directly to the share your world main site.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I love outdoor photography. I seem to get caught up in landscapes.

IMG_0942 (1)




In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

I almost never get to be a passenger in a car as it is just me now. I think I have forgotten how to ride.

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be?

My wishes are pretty simple.  To have enough time, money and energy to do all the things on my eternal life list. I don’t have a bucket list. I figure what I don’t get to do in this life I’ll set about doing in the next.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Both of our Sunday morning services were powerful but here is the link to our second service.



Evening Meditation 9-17-17


Now I come to your Temple with burnt offerings
    to fulfill the vows I made to you—
14 yes, the sacred vows that I made
    when I was in deep trouble.
15 That is why I am sacrificing burnt offerings to you—
    the best of my rams as a pleasing aroma,
    and a sacrifice of bulls and male goats. Interlude

16 Come and listen, all you who fear God,
    and I will tell you what he did for me.
17 For I cried out to him for help,
    praising him as I spoke.
18 If I had not confessed the sin in my heart,
    the Lord would not have listened.
19 But God did listen!
    He paid attention to my prayer.
20 Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer
    or withdraw his unfailing love from me.Psalm 66:13-20

How much is praise involved in your crying out to God?

WPC: Waiting Quietly

This is a second post for The Daily Post’s Challenge on Waiting.




WPC: Hidden Structure

This week the Daily Post has asked us to show the structure of something that is generally overlooked.

Here are my thoughts:

The church is built on the wisdom and experience of the elders and the strength of the young.- JE Lillie

It is not something we think about very often but the power and structure of a healthy church relies on the mixing of the generations.

Here are some more structures to contemplate.

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