Pastor Wrinkles

Pastor wrinkles began as a joke. My youth group held a contest to give me a nick-name. It came down to a vote between two names: Pastor Cool J (beacuse I am eminently cool) and Pastor Wrinkles (because I was the oldest youth pastor in our District). Of course Pastor Wrinkles won by a landslide.

I have retired from youth ministry and have taken up other pursuits for Jesus. But the name has stuck. So on this page you will find all of Pastor Wrinkles devotional articles:

The Chapter Charts: The chapter charts are a Bible study exercise I began on my last blog “Reinventing the We’ll”.  It’s simple. Read two chapters and come up with three topics or titles that you could use to teach the chapters to a person who had never read them. Share those topis or titles in a post. If you would like to read the chapter charts Go here.–  Lillie-Put’s Chapter Charts page.

The Heaven Posts:  In these posts I am taking every verse in the Bible that mentions the word Heaven (well almost every verse) and I am writing a devotional thought regarding the verse. These posts are another carry over from “Reinventing the We’ll”. Visit the Heaven Posts page by clicking on the link below. _ Lillie-Put’s Heaven Page

Fasts and Spiritual Journies:  We are all on continual journey of self-discovery. Here are a few of the things I am learning. –  Lillie-Put’s Spiritual journies

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