QUOTE (Corrie ten Boom) – Feb 28

This story has urged me on to forgiveness during some of the hardest moments of my life. If she could do it, so can I!


Corrie ten Boom, "The Hiding Place" Corrie ten Boom, “The Hiding Place” (Photo credit: Corrie ten Boom Museum)

“Now he was in front of me, hand thrust out: ‘A fine message, Fräulein! How good it is to know that, as you say, all our sins are at the bottom of the sea!’  And I, who had spoken so glibly of forgiveness, fumbled in my pocketbook rather than take that hand. He would not remember me, of course—how could he remember one prisoner among those thousands of women?

But I remembered him and the leather crop swinging from his belt. I was face-to-face with one of my captors and my blood seemed to freeze.

‘You mentioned Ravensbruck in your talk,’ he was saying, ‘I was a guard there.’  No, he did not remember me.  ‘But since that time,’ he went on, ‘I have become a Christian. I know that God has forgiven me for the cruel things I…

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Skywatch Friday: A Light In the Eastern Sky!


Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returning!
Light in the western sky, Jesus is near!
Soon shall the nations, His advent discerning,
Hail Him with gladness, or see Him with fear.


Lord, by Thy hands that were nail pierced and torn:
Lord by the crown that they wove of the thorns:
Lord, by Thy passion in Gethsemane:
Christ of all tenderness, plead Thou for me!

Bright be our lamps as we watch for the dawning,
Girded our loins, that our strength may not fail;
So as He shines through the mists of the morning,
We may be ready to cry Him, “All hail!”


Not as at Nazareth—lowly they found Him;
He as the Judge cometh back from the sky;
Borne on the whirlwind, with angels around Him,
Veiling their face from His glory so nigh.


Judge of the earth, who in mercy unfailing
Offered Thyself as atonement for sin,
In that great day, by Thy love all prevailing,
Grant us the rest of Thy heaven to win!- Daniel B. Towner

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Pastor Wrinkles: House On Fire Pt. 41

The Word of God is a bridge that connects Earth with Heaven and Heaven with Earth.- Joseph Elon Lillie

The Word of God is a bridge that connects Earth with Heaven and Heaven with Earth.- Joseph Elon Lillie


These discussions on the Book Of Acts have become a precious part of my week. I love the discussions that are framing up from them. These discussions will definitely fuel the atmosphere the next time I teach this material in a traditional setting. If you have missed any of our past discussion you can find them here:


Here is today’s discussion topic:

Review our lessons from Acts 15-18 Here:


House On Fire 32       http://wp.me/p39vIx-S1

House On Fire 33        http://wp.me/p39vIx-Sj

House On Fire 34       http://wp.me/p39vIx-SN

House On Fire 35        http://wp.me/p39vIx-Tp

House On Fire 36       http://wp.me/p39vIx-TX

House On Fire 37        http://wp.me/p39vIx-Uq

House On Fire 38     http://wp.me/p39vIx-UI

House On Fire 39    http://wp.me/p39vIx-Vf

House On Fire 40    http://wp.me/p39vIx-VA

How successful was Paul as a church planter? What qualities helped him? What qualities held him back?

Life Opens On the Dawn!



“When I go down to the grave I can say, like many others, ‘I have finished my day’s work!’ But I cannot say, ‘I have finished my life.’ My day’s work will begin again the next morning. The tomb is not a blind alley; it is a thoroughfare! It closes on the twilight, it opens on the dawn! “
~Victor Hugo

I had another quote set for Ese’s  Shoot & Quote Challenge this week which is:


but when I found this quote by Hugo over at


I knew I had to change it up!

Peanut Butter Cups and Raindrops


This post is inspired by Cee from Oregon who hosts “Share Your World”. I have not posted in SYW these last few weeks because of the way my schedule has fallen; But when I read this week’s questions I just couldn’t resist sectioning off a bit of my time so I could answer peanut butter cup- in- cheek so to speak. I  beg Cee’s indulgence as I am going to answer her questions out-of-order. Truly sorry.   🙂

The questions originally read as posted below but I am going to answer them in the following order respectively 2,1,3 and 4.

Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers?

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?

Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

When I am 90 years old the weather will be the most important aspect of my life. Aside from the fact that inclement weather will affect my lumbago, I fully intend by that time the candy industry will have used the $100,000.00 I donate anonymously (you heard it here first folks) to create the first ever peanut butter cup rain machine. the result of course will be that since peanut butter cups are now freely falling from the sky the factories will no longer have to produce chocolate of any kind, and therefore can turn their profit-making ventures toward making Boston fruit slices, which everyone knows is the second best candy after peanut butter cups. As to my umbrella… I now leave it outside turned upside down on the front lawn in anticipation of the next PBC monsoon.

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Turbo Follow Week 3



Cornerstone Church Winchendon is into week 3 of a congregation-wide study written by, Daniel McNaughton and Bryan Koch, entitled Follow: Learning To Follow Jesus. Each Sunday our pastoral staff is preaching from one of the seven attributes covered in the book while the congregation reads the daily devotions and participates weekly in a life group focused around the topic at hand.

The group I am tasked with leading has been dubbed “Turbo Follow”. Rather than approaching the class as a traditional Bible study we have chosen to act as an accountability group. The class begins with a brief overview of the daily devotionals. Then participants break into smaller, accountability groups. Each group participant asks questions of their fellows concerning the teachings. At the end of each class individuals are asked to decide what God would have them do in light of what they have learned. Then we pray for each other.

This post is a weekly follow-up of our class. For those of you who are unable because of business or geography, to join us on Thursdays this blog is a perfect way to virtually join in on the fun.

Last week our devotion covered Learning to be with Jesus:

Day 1: Learning to remain in Jesus

Day 2: Learning to recognize “fruit” in our lives

Day 3:  Learning to be with Jesus by reading the Bible

Day 4: Learning to be with Jesus through prayer

Day 5:  Learning that being with Jesus will affect our relationships with others

Here are the questions we asked in our Turbo Follow group last Thursday:

Turbo- Follow Questions- Attribute 1 Learning To Be With Jesus

 1.    On a scale of 1-10 1 being not well at all and 10 being the best. How did you do on the commitment you made in the last class over these last two weeks? How could you improve that number by 1 in the week ahead?

 2.    As you read this week you noticed an emphasis on reading the Bible. On a scale of 1-10 how is your Bible reading going? On the same scale how is your prayer time going?

 3.    If you could learn one thing from the Bible what would that be? Where could you find information about learning that?

 4.    If you could change one thing about your prayer time what would that be?

 5.    What are you going to do this week to further these goals?

How are you doing on your goals?

This week we are focusing on Attribute 2: Learning to listen to Jesus

Here is a question I have been meditating on all week from our study. On a scale of 1-10 1 being the least and ten being the greatest how blessed do you feel?


When Not To Pick Up the Pieces

Leaving the pieces behind and moving on.


Corrie ten Boom told the story of a little girl who broke one of her mother’s demi-tasse cups.  The little girl came to her mother sobbing, Oh, Mama, I’m so sorry I broke your beautiful cup.  The mother replied, I know you’re sorry, and I forgive you.  Now don’t cry any more.  The mother then swept up the pieces of the broken cup and placed them in the trash can.

But the little girl enjoyed the guilty feeling (and the attention her mother gave her).  She went to the trash can, picked out the pieces of the cup, brought them to her mother and sobbed, Mother, I’m so sorry that I broke your pretty cup.  This time the mother spoke firmly to her, Take those pieces and put them back in the trash can.  Don’t be silly enough to take them out again.  I told you I…

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We Were Made For Work

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Ge. 2:15 NIV

Statue of Peter the Great in Zaandam, North Holland

Statue of Peter the Great in Zaandam, North Holland


From the greatest of us to the smallest we were made to work. It is not a curse it is our wiring.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius


Cheese vendors in Alkmaar

The goal is not to get away from work or to stop working but to find the work we were born to do!

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Pro. 22:6

The Proverb deals more with helping a child find their personal giftedness than it does with right moral living. Have you found the gift within yourself you were meant to share with the world?

A pastoral moment in Coeur D'Alene

A pastoral moment in Coeur D’Alene

It may not look like work to some people but to others it could be just the lifeline they need to keep going.

What work were you created for?

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, Col. 2:23

Wood Carver 3rd annual C.cada art show

Doug Stevens, Wood Carver 3rd annual C.cada art show


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