Skywatch Friday: A Light In the Eastern Sky!


Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returning!
Light in the western sky, Jesus is near!
Soon shall the nations, His advent discerning,
Hail Him with gladness, or see Him with fear.


Lord, by Thy hands that were nail pierced and torn:
Lord by the crown that they wove of the thorns:
Lord, by Thy passion in Gethsemane:
Christ of all tenderness, plead Thou for me!

Bright be our lamps as we watch for the dawning,
Girded our loins, that our strength may not fail;
So as He shines through the mists of the morning,
We may be ready to cry Him, “All hail!”


Not as at Nazareth—lowly they found Him;
He as the Judge cometh back from the sky;
Borne on the whirlwind, with angels around Him,
Veiling their face from His glory so nigh.


Judge of the earth, who in mercy unfailing
Offered Thyself as atonement for sin,
In that great day, by Thy love all prevailing,
Grant us the rest of Thy heaven to win!- Daniel B. Towner

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12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday: A Light In the Eastern Sky!

  1. Wonderful. I’m not familiar with that hymn. I’ve been looking for quite some time, for a song or a hymn to use as the soundtrack for our Toward Daylight book trailer–this very well could be it. I doubt it’s merely coincidental that we found you. Do you know of a recording for this hymn, or can you tell me in which hymnal I can find it? I’d appreciate your help. Have a blessed weekend.

    Ken R.

    • Hi Ken, I found the hymn on line at There doesn’t seem to be music attached to it. I have searched my hymnals and data bases but have found nothing. I am connected to a musician who collects old hymns and I have contacted him and will let you know what I find. With a writer as prolific and popular as Towner it would seem there should be a something out there. This definitely one of his lesser known hymns. I will let you know what I find.
      In other news I purchased Gilead and am now in the middle of it. Hoping it will get me back to the thread of the Celebrant!

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