Sunday Skies 5-19-19

Right back into the gray

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The Important Noise Called Silence Pt. 2



“We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

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The Important Noise Called Silence

“Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully.”
― Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

What To Do About Rainy Days

The sun came out for a few hours yesterday. Other than that this has been one of the rainiest and cloudiest Springs I can remember. This morning I woke up with this song in my mind.

I think the song was something left over my subconscious, a tickler letting me know I am feeling a little less than stellar. Now, Mondays are my days off so I have decided it is not Mondays that are getting me down. I keep telling myself that highly effective people carry their own weather with them, but I have to admit their is something in me that is longing for the sun and it is making me just a bit cranky.

I spent some more time in prayer over a cup of coffee and then I launched into my day. I pushed aside the normal assortment of polos and tee shirts and got out some of my dress clothes and  dressed up. So far I have been asked five times why I am all dressed up. Just so everyone knows I have only seen seven people today. But that’s not important. What is important is that I am feeling  a little more sunny even though…once again it is raining.

What do you do when life’s circumstances get a little depressing?