The Way We Do It Now.

What’s your favorite color?

Notes From the Vicarage

In these days of social distancing, this is the hub of church life now. The staff and board are all on line first thing in the morning or on the phone connecting with people to show up at on-line church. All through the service Amanda, Brenda and I are here at The Vicarage “greeting” people as they come on line and gathering info through private message convos and on-line comments. We follow up on these throughout the week by phone and Facebook.

After the service, Amanda goes in and makes a few copies for people who do not have internet service and then we distribute the CD version to the doors of those individuals homes.

I hope you enjoy our pastor’s message today.

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Busy Social Distancing

Busy!Slow! Busy!

Notes From the Vicarage

I haven’t posted here in the last few days because I have been busy social distancing. You might think….”Wouldn’t the stay at home order make you less busy than usual?”

Well, truthfully the nature of the work is changing but the work itself is still taking the same amount of time . I am moving slower now. Some of that is because I am still recovering from pneumonia. I am noticing it takes me longer to do things than it used to. I need to rest more frequently. But I think the second reason I am moving slower is because of the amount of prayer I am doing these days. That prayer has shifted my mindset to a much more peaceful space.

I am also doing a lot more writing these days too. The book is coming along nicely.

This week I have also gone back to meetings. Not as…

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April 3, 1989- Haibun

On April 2, 1989 your water broke, but you wanted to wait. We couldn’t imagine what for; So your mother and I rode the roads. We bumped the bumps just to jog your willingness. Still you refused to attend your life.

Then the doctors called us in. PIT got the process going even as the procession paraded in. Nana and Grampa and Aunt Nicole, even Bii Chadbourne were all there with the doctors and nurses that come part and parcel of every birthing center. Then you popped into the world. What you wanted was an audience.

April 3rd


You were born.

This poem was written in honor of my son. Today is his 31st birthday.