The Quiet Life Of A Country Pastor Pt. 10

It has been weeks since I have had an opportunity to write about my “quiet life”.

 I have had so many wonderful opportunities to share faith with people these last weeks it has just eaten up my time.

I have run  staff meetings and taken phone calls. I have attended prayer meetings and shared biblical principles for living with troubled souls. I have preached and I have led worship. I have attended planning sessions for future ministry and future town projects. In all of it I have seen the hand of God moving mightily.

I was honored to perform a wedding for a young couple I once had in youth group.

I was equally honored to lay to rest and offer words of comfort at the graveside of one of God’s saints.

I attended a baptism.

Then  i traveled to the Berkshires to do lead worship at a camp for the disabled and to care for one of the guests who needed some one to one care.

I was privileged to be the pastor appointed to pray for the cities of the North at the Worcester County Prayer day this last Saturday.

 Then yesterday after Sunday services I attended a thank you luncheon for our worship and arts teams of the church.

My life my not be externally quiet but the blessing of it leads to a deep inner calm that restores the soul. As the writer to the Hebrews says, “There remains a Sabbath rest for God’s people”. It may not come in the way we think but the rest God gives is the best there is.

How do you find rest for your soul?