When God Says Something I Totally Dislike

The best post on the hard topic I have read in a,while.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

genericrandomusername asked a question:

I know that homosexuality is a sin. But one thing I’ve learned is that everything labeled “sin” is something God is protecting us from. Like any good father, his rules are there for a good reason. I understand why casual sex, lying, and gluttony are dangerous, but what are the dangers of homosexuality? What is God protecting us from? The reasons I’ve gotten from Christians have were either stupid or totally convoluted. I need to know why I oppose something. Something beyond a weak apologetic.

Hey my dear friend, please allow me the grace to offer just a few challenges to consider from very opposite angles.

– I’ve written about homosexuality before and I no longer talk about it much because everyone starts yelling at each other as loud as dang possible, and the people actually inside the issues get lost in the mix.  Whenever…

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2 thoughts on “When God Says Something I Totally Dislike

  1. Thanks for posting! I agree with the author- such a hard topic to broach these days. He does well stating his position and reasoning. I have been in similar conversations. As a Christian the conversations seem to get harder and the hatred more intense as the days get more evil.

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