Tuck In

This post is created in response to RDP’s DAILY PROMPT “SETTLE

Here is my take on it.

It may be spring now but winter will come again.

Tuck In

by J. Lillie

Just like the chipmunk

Planning for the winter’s day

We must now tuck in.

Leaving the World- My first Decima


I have never written a Decima. It is harder than it looks. I used this picture for inspiration.

Leaving the World

by JE Lillie

His Boat steers into setting hope.

The sky colors a silent song.

Beneath him plays the ocean’s throng.

He remembers when he awoke.

This child of the world could not cope.

The constant running, called to dance

To entertain the god, Finance.

He left the world against its wish.

And set off for the sea to fish.

Now he sleeps on the golden strands.