Turbo Follow Week 3



Cornerstone Church Winchendon is into week 3 of a congregation-wide study written by, Daniel McNaughton and Bryan Koch, entitled Follow: Learning To Follow Jesus. Each Sunday our pastoral staff is preaching from one of the seven attributes covered in the book while the congregation reads the daily devotions and participates weekly in a life group focused around the topic at hand.

The group I am tasked with leading has been dubbed “Turbo Follow”. Rather than approaching the class as a traditional Bible study we have chosen to act as an accountability group. The class begins with a brief overview of the daily devotionals. Then participants break into smaller, accountability groups. Each group participant asks questions of their fellows concerning the teachings. At the end of each class individuals are asked to decide what God would have them do in light of what they have learned. Then we pray for each other.

This post is a weekly follow-up of our class. For those of you who are unable because of business or geography, to join us on Thursdays this blog is a perfect way to virtually join in on the fun.

Last week our devotion covered Learning to be with Jesus:

Day 1: Learning to remain in Jesus

Day 2: Learning to recognize “fruit” in our lives

Day 3:  Learning to be with Jesus by reading the Bible

Day 4: Learning to be with Jesus through prayer

Day 5:  Learning that being with Jesus will affect our relationships with others

Here are the questions we asked in our Turbo Follow group last Thursday:

Turbo- Follow Questions- Attribute 1 Learning To Be With Jesus

 1.    On a scale of 1-10 1 being not well at all and 10 being the best. How did you do on the commitment you made in the last class over these last two weeks? How could you improve that number by 1 in the week ahead?

 2.    As you read this week you noticed an emphasis on reading the Bible. On a scale of 1-10 how is your Bible reading going? On the same scale how is your prayer time going?

 3.    If you could learn one thing from the Bible what would that be? Where could you find information about learning that?

 4.    If you could change one thing about your prayer time what would that be?

 5.    What are you going to do this week to further these goals?

How are you doing on your goals?

This week we are focusing on Attribute 2: Learning to listen to Jesus

Here is a question I have been meditating on all week from our study. On a scale of 1-10 1 being the least and ten being the greatest how blessed do you feel?


7 thoughts on “Turbo Follow Week 3

  1. I would have to say a 10 without hesitation! My blessings now come from above and not by what stuff I have or want. Something has certainly changed in my heart over the last few years and as I move closer and closer to God my eyes are opened more and more to how abundantly I am blessed! My cup run-eth over with blessings from my twin and her family as well as my church family and their prayers. You see I measure my blessings differently now!

  2. Hi Pastor J, My thoughts this week have been about how Jesus resisted temptation. He used the Word. It was His weapon off choice. The enemy also knows scripture and uses it on us but he twists it to make us believe a lie. That is why it is so important for us to study and know scripture for what it truly means so we don’t get deceived. I believe that is what Jesus is teaching us to do. Linda Page

    • Amen Linda! We are called to “rightly divide the word of truth” which means to use it in context and the promises for what they were actually intended. too many try to make the Word of God mean what they want it to mean and so end up with a god of their own making rather than the God of the Bible.

  3. Praise God and Amen ! After reading these comments yesterday I headed out for a walk with Dakota thinking about hidden blessings and a deeper meaning for this lesson. One of my first thoughts about this weeks readings was that we are learning to deepen our relationship with God. So He reminded me of what James 4:8 says. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. I so often find myself calling Him to draw nearer to us when it’s us that need to draw nearer to Him first. Next thing I knew there was a man walking towards us on the path and he stopped to pet Dakota. He was really really loving on Dakota when he looked at me with a tear in his eye and said he wished he lived somewhere that would allow him to have a dog.I WOW Double Whammy !!!Not that I dont know what a blessing that Dakota is to me but yet I can get really upset about my current living arangements that I lose sight of Him and why Im where I am…I felt so bad for this man that I thought I might cry yet on the inside I was so happy that God had just revealed to me how awesome life is wihen we seek Him and His understanding of whats going on around us and how near He really wants to be to us.
    Thanks for sharing and have a BLESSED day 🙂

    • This is an awesome point Mike! So often we look at our circumstances and see only the challenges but blessings are mixed in there too. It is an awesome thing when God can pull back the curtain so we can see exactly how He is blessing us even in the midst of life’s messiness.
      As you have walked with the Lord what has helped you to focus more on God’s blessings? What practical advice would you give to other believers to help them focus on the positive?

      • Thank You Pastor J. You or more likely He made this a very easy question to answer. My focus should allways be on God and not on my circumstances. Glimpses behind the “curtain” are Gods boosts to our Joy and Faith reserves. 🙂 Oh by the way,Awesome srevice this morning. both the Praise and Worship ,but an awesome word as well !

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