When Not To Pick Up the Pieces

Leaving the pieces behind and moving on.


Corrie ten Boom told the story of a little girl who broke one of her mother’s demi-tasse cups.  The little girl came to her mother sobbing, Oh, Mama, I’m so sorry I broke your beautiful cup.  The mother replied, I know you’re sorry, and I forgive you.  Now don’t cry any more.  The mother then swept up the pieces of the broken cup and placed them in the trash can.

But the little girl enjoyed the guilty feeling (and the attention her mother gave her).  She went to the trash can, picked out the pieces of the cup, brought them to her mother and sobbed, Mother, I’m so sorry that I broke your pretty cup.  This time the mother spoke firmly to her, Take those pieces and put them back in the trash can.  Don’t be silly enough to take them out again.  I told you I…

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