The Prayer Meeting Formerly Known As the Wall 6-23-21

We hung out for an hour or so in person and on line for a prayer meeting tonight. We are praying through the psalms and this week we prayed through Psalm Chapter 12. There were several prophetic moments in the service. Maybe one of them was for you.


God says, “The time for self-limiting has come to and end. This will require the fruit of the spirit, self control, in order to stop the self from limiting by its behavior. The self…the flesh and the soul… must come under the control of the Spirit. He will stop your self from limiting you by its desire, hunger, emotionalism or even its untempered logic. In this you will reach the Spirit’s potential for you.”

A Dream of Soldiers

I am prone to vivid dreams and visions. I don’t share most of what I dream. I’m not sure most is worth sharing. But I feel like the time is coming when I will be sharing more of them with my readership. Here is one for the new DREAMS AND VISION CATEGORY:

In my dream on April 12, I walked into a circle of soldiers. All of them were from the same army. They had been frozen in place in the circle and had become like lead. I noted that these soldiers from the same army were fighting each other, but they were in a circle facing each other not drawn up in battle lines. Their faces were frozen in rage and each was in a various position of aggression. I noted that one side of the circle seemed more aggressive and violent than the other, but that they were all ready for battle. The center of the ring was carpeted with dead leaves . The scene around the ring of soldiers was a burned dead forest.

What do you see from the dream?

Some Thoughts On the Prophetic Pt. 3

God is currently putting His finger on a prophetic thread in our church. By that I don;t mean there are a bunch of people seeing into the future. A prophetic work of God in a church is a work in which God begins to give a community a Divine direction and those same people begin to obey and carry out the plans of God for their community. That is what is happening at Cornerstone right now, a prophetic move. there is a price to pay for this wonderful adventure we are on and we as a church community are currently in the process of considering if the call is worth answering. My answer is “Yes”! Others though are on the fence.

Here are some things I gleaned from our lead pastor’s sermon this last Sunday.


Accuracy in the prophetic requires a purification of the secret life. It requires a strengthening of integrity.


Accuracy in the prophetic requires a love for the Word of God, the Bible.



Accuracy in the prophetic requires a non-judgmental spirit.

To here the full service from which these thoughts were extrapolated you can jump over to NOTES FROM THE VICARAGE HERE. 

Some thoughts On the Prophetic Part 2

Here are some more thoughts I extrapolated through meditation from Sunday morning’s sermon at Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA. To see the whole service you can click  HERE TO GO TO OUR NEW FAMILY BLOG.

Accuracy in the prophetic requires us to love like Jesus loved.



Accuracy in the prophetic requires that we not be ashamed of our faith.


Accuracy in the prophetic requires that we stop insisting on comfort. We have to give up our carnal ways and pleasures. We have to be willing to be inconvenienced.


Some Thoughts On the Prophetic

God has been speaking to our church about how He desires to move in the prophetic among us. Sunday morning our lead Pastor, Dan Lewiston, preached a message called “Bungee Chord Faith.” During that message God began to speak to me about some things which He is calling our congregation to in order for Him to move prophetically amongst us.

Here are some of the things I understood from the sermon.

Accuracy in the prophetic requires stillness.

Accuracy in the prophetic requires absolute slavery to Christ, which is a complete renunciation of our rights.

In the church authority and slavery go hand in hand. That is the nature and definition of meekness.

There is more, but I will share it in an upcoming post. If you want to hear the whole sermon f Bungee Chord Faith you can jump over to OUR FAMILY BLOG HERE.