Share Your World Feb. 20, 2017


It has been a busy week. We have four people in hospital or rehab this week and one of our dear ladies went on hospice two weeks ago. A family in our church lost their daughter yesterday; So there has been a lot of pastoral work going on in addition to our normal ministry activities. I am thankful that I walk this road of pastoring with a group of wonderful fellow staff pastors and that our lead pastor is such an organizational genius.

In spite of the busyness I have a wee bit of time this morning to join Cee’s SHARE YOUR WORLD CHALLENGE. Every week Cee asks us five questions and when we her contributors answer them we share our worlds with all of you our readers.

Cee’s questions and my answers are below, but when you have finished reading them please follow the underlined link to Cee’s blog and see how her other contributors answered the questions.

When you cut something with scissors, do you move your jaw (as if you were about to chew)?

Probably. I have been told that I unconsciously follow other people with my lips when they are speaking; So I cannot imagine that I would not follow the clacking of a pair of scissors

Do you chew your pens and pencils?

I not only chew my pens and pencils. I chew other people’s pens and pencils when they lend them to me. Again it’s an unconscious thing, but I have gotten a lot of new pens and pencils this way.

Are you a collector of anything?  If so what?

I collect Books and walking sticks, although I have not gotten a new walking stick in quite awhile.

What size is your bed? 

I have a full sized bed.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful to have increased my writing time over the last few weeks. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to see Josh Garrels in concert this week with my friend Jody. Please watch this very important and moving video by Josh.


Finally I am grateful to have had a chance to go out to lunch and a movie with my daughter Amanda. We had Thai food and went to see THE GREAT WALL.

I am looking forward to increasing my writing time again this week.

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