Share Your World 4-19-21

It is time for the weekly challenge where our hostess, Melanie, asks five questions and in answering them we all SHARE OUR WORLDS.

I have been participating in this challenge for years and every week it gives me a fresh perspective on blogging. Thank you Melanie for carrying on this wonderful tradition for the blogosphere!


What was the last TV show you binge-watched?   If you don’t watch TV (congratulations by the way) what’s the last thing you binged ON?

I think it has been a while since I binge watched anything. I don’t generally have a full day to devote to television watching (though I probably would if I could). I tend to watch a couple of shows a week and one of my new favorites is “Kung Fu”. I am also really liking “Atlantic Crossing” on Masterpiece theater. I never get to watch these shows when they are actually on so I watch them on demand usually at 9 at night on a Thursday or Friday.

All that said, we have one television in our home and it is usually on. My mom likes to watch old murder mysteries and so we watch old episodes of Monk and Matlock, Magnum and the Mystery of the day over and over. I tend to catch them at breakfast ,lunch and supper. So I guess you could call that binge watching.

What’s your most prized possession and why?

I guess I would have to say The Vicarage, which is my family home.

If you had the time and inclination, what would you volunteer for?

Time and inclination? So that assumes I currently have neither but would like to have both. I think it would be fun to have the time and vim and vigor to volunteer for a trip to outer space.

Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony?

Yes. I believe that day is coming….Isaiah 2 says….”And many peoples shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth [a]the law, and the word of Jehovah from Jerusalem. And he will judge [b]between the nations, and will decide concerning many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Of course this harmony will not be achieved by the efforts of man but by the work of God. Still whatever the source it will happen.

Share something uplifting with everyone.   It can be some writing or an image or photo you like!   Thanks! 


Share Your World 4-5-21

It is time to SHARE MY WORLD WITH YOU. This is the weekly challenge where our hostess Melanie asks several questions and in answering them we all share our worlds. When you have finished learning about me, click the underlined link and go and see how all of her other contributors have answered the questions.

Do you think psychic abilities exist? 

Yes, but those gifts are not what they think we are.

How would you describe peanut butter to someone who didn’t know what it was?


Why does an octopus squirt ink?

To provide cover for a quick escape.

Who are two of today’s greatest entertainers in your opinion?  (can be actors, musicians, singers etc)

Oh my! Just two? All right………Let’s see…….

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

It was a very blessed Easter Weekend

Share Your World 3-29-21

I have made it to SHARE YOUR WORLD , now two weeks in a row! This is the weekly challenge where our hostess Melanie asks four or five questions and in answering them we all share our worlds.

I think this world can do with a bit more sharing and so here we go. The questions and my answers are below. When you have finished here please take a peek over at Melanie’s blog, SPARKS FROM A COMBUSTIBLE MIND, and see how her other contributors have answered the questions. Just a warning these questions are definitely taking us down the rabbit hole this week.


What is knowledge?

Yikes! How many philosophers have taken a stab at this one? KNOWLEDGE IS….


How do you define consciousness (self awareness)?

“I think therefore I am.” – Descartes

Is it possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness?

This song comes to mind as I think of this question…

Would you be able to tell if time had been altered in some way?

Only from my position in eternity.

Do you like potato chips (they’re called ‘crisps’ in Europe I believe)?

Only from my position in eternity…..Wait have I said that before? Maybe time has been altered.

On this side of the world it’s coming into Springtime.   Celebrate Spring by sharing an image or anecdote that shares “Spring”!   Alternatively, it’s coming into Autumn on the other side of the world.  Please do the same for Autumn!   Thanks! 


Share Your World 3-22-21

My schedule for the last few weeks has kept me from jumping into, THE SHARE YOUR WORLD CHALLENGE. Our lead pastor at Cornerstone Church (my boss) left four weeks ago ,and for the last month I have been working through the decision and process of transitioning into his role. This week the deacon board voted to advance my name to the congregation and so the last step of the process has begun! There are a few more steps to take, but before I go back to addressing them, I wanted to take a few moments to answer the questions this weekly challenge brings.

My answers are below. When you have finished reading here, please click the underlined link above and travel to Melanie’s site to see how her other contributors have answered her questions.



If not now, then when?

Made me think of this song….

Can you describe your life in a six-word sentence?


Do you remember that thing people used to say, about how you swallow eight spiders a year while you sleep? It’s not true, but do you think you’ve ever swallowed any? What bug do you think you’ve eaten the most of by accident?

I am pretty sure I have never swallowed a spider but I have swallowed mosquitoes.

What’s the best approach to resolving conflict?

Speak the truth in love. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but this is a start.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the sitting and waiting spaces of life. Here are a few places I enjoy sitting and waiting.

Share Your World 2-22-21

It is time for SHARE YOUR WORLD. This is the weekly challenge where our hostess Melanie asks several questions and in answering them we share bits of our world.

This week’s questions and my answers are found below. When you have finished reading my answers please use the underlined link to go to Melanie’s site and see how her other contributors have answered the questions.


QUESTIONS:  (an “odd” basket full today)

Have you ever ‘butt dialed” someone?  (‘butt dialed’ means have you ever made a phone call that you weren’t aware of making, because the buttons on the phone got pushed by your sitting on them (in your pocket) OR having something in your handbag press against them?).

Yes I have done this a few times, but I have had others (especially my son) “butt-dial” me more than I have done it myself.

If you were given 1000 acres of land, what would you do with it?

I would look at it for a long time. I love big tracts of land, especially when they come equipped with chairs.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on-line recently? 

May be an image of text that says 'THE GROUNDHOG SAID SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER SO I ATE HIM'
May be an image of snow

Have you ever eaten something off the floor?  ‘5 second’ rule applies or not (the ‘5 second rule’ is that if you pick up the dropped food within a set time frame, it’s still ‘clean’ and you can safely eat it)?

Of course! Especially when the food is too good to sweep away and throw out….Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I would eat supper off the floor or anything, but a dropped crust or a cookie or something….sure.

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

Feel free to share your gratitude with everyone in the form of a quote, a thought or an image.

The real gift of gratitude is meme - AhSeeit

Share Your World 2-15-21

Share Your World is a weekly challenge I have participated in for…gosh… 7 or 8 years now at least. It is hard to believe I have been a part of the blogging community for that long. In some ways I still feel like a real novice at this work and am just really discovering my wings.


Anyway one of the things I like about this challenge is that it lends itself easily to one of my blogging goals, which is to inspire community through conversation. This year my number of hits has gone down, but the number of deep conversations I am having with people has gone up. It has been very nice to see this sense of community deepening with those of you who choose to read and comment on my blogs.

Anyway here are this week’s questions and my answers toward starting conversations with you all….


Do you feel you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

I know I definitely do not ask enough questions. It is something I am trying to remedy…but I have to admit I am not very good at it.

When did you fail to speak up when you feel you should have?

This is a close cousin of the last question. I feel like not asking questions and not speaking up have the same root. ….Fear of other people’s opinion. As I look at what God’s next steps are for me I know that these things are going to be essential skills to develop further.

When was the last time you felt lucky?*

I don’t know that I consider luck as a part of my life. I do consider myself blessed. Blessedness understands that everything that comes, good and bad, is taking me down a God-ordained pathway that leads me, ultimately, to God’s plan for me, which is my created purpose and ultimate fulfillment of being. Blessedness understands that resisting the difficult things, because I want only easy things, only slows the process of receiving and achieving God’s plan. Blessedness embraces what is before me as a part of something larger which is both good and benevolent.

What is a boulder?

Photo by Dianne on

Feel free to share your gratitude with everyone!  

I am so grateful that the Franklins got to join us for church and for supper on Sunday! I am also grateful to have the first pictures of my new grand baby in South Korea!

No description available.

Share Your World 2-8-21

It is hard to believe how fast the weeks are going here in 2021! We are almost to Valentine’s Day. It is time once again to SHARE MY WORLD. This challenge involves answering four or five life sharing questions and then linking it to Melanie’s main page so we can all share our answers together. It is a great exercise in community. I CHALLENGE YOU TO GIVE IT A TRY!

Here are this week’s questions and my answers….


In your opinion, do May/December (older partner with much younger partner) romances ever work?

Sure! Mary and Joseph were probably a May December romance and they seemed to work out fine (at least as far as we know).

What physical action or gesture do you find romantic?

I think sitting quietly looking out over a panoramic view is very romantic…I admit I am a bit boring for most people’s taste but romance is a quiet thing for me. Then again romance is a part of my past. Everyday it becomes a bit more distant and to be honest I was not super good at it when I was an active participant.

What is your idea of a romantic dinner?

Italian. Then again I could eat Italian food literally everyday and be happy; So either I am super romantic or I do not know what I am talking about….I guess what you think about this answer probably modifies my answer to question #2.

Is ‘love’ a real ‘thing’ or merely a physical chemical response and brain activity pulling our emotional strings?

Love is a real thing. If the Bible is to be believed it is one of only three real things in the universe (See the last verse of 1 Corinthians 13).

How do you show your loved ones that you love them?

I try to be a help and a presence in their lives they can rely on.

Share Your World 2-1-21

Great Scott! We have already accomplished one whole month of this new year!!!! We have walked through 4 share your worlds already and today it is time to SHARE OUR WORLDS for a fifth time in 2021.


In case you do not know, Share Your World is a weekly challenged hosted by SPARKS FROM A COMBUSTIBLE MIND. In this challenge Melanie asks us several questions and in answering them we all share our worlds! This week’s questions and my answers are found below. Once you have read my answers please hop on over to Sparks… to see what Melanie’s other contributors have said.


If the government offered to suspend all laws, and law enforcement for 24 hours, letting you (and everybody else) do whatever you wish… Would you be in favor of it, or not?  (Credit for this question goes to Cyranny and her Daily Quickie Question)

OH HECK NO! We have seen what can happen in less than twenty four hours when law enforcement and laws were still in place. How much more dissipation would there be without any safe guards in place?

What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street? (We’re suspending the whole social distancing and Covid involvement in this scenario)

Ummm….Yeah…..I will not be upping my creep factor by answering this question.

As a child, what did you think would be great about being an adult, but isn’t as great as you thought it would be?

Somehow I thought making my own decisions would be a lot cooler than it is. Things look so black and white when you are young. The older you get the more you understand that most decision do not fall into the strictly right or wrong category. There is lots of gray in the world.

What, in your opinion, has been blown way out of proportion?

The importance of opinion.

Gratitude Section (Optional as always)

Where is your ‘happy’ place?  My happy place is the prayer place.

Share Your World From 1-25-21

I am a day late and a dollar short her, but it is my time to SHARE MY WORLD! This is the weekly challenge where Melanie asks us all several questions and in answering them we share our worlds. To be honest I think we all need to share our worlds a little more amicably now than ever before. So this is a very important challenge to take. When you have finished reading my answers below, please swing over to Melanie’s blog and read the other responses to it. Maybe you could even take a few minutes and answer some of the questions for yourself.


Is it necessary to trust someone you like?  (friends, acquaintances or co-workers with whom you have no familial ties)

Well I think it always helpful if you can trust the people you like, but I have to admit there are several people I really like, because they are fun to be around, but I do not trust them as far as I can throw them

Do you hold grudges?   What do you do when someone really irritates you?

No I try not to hold grudges. They are super unhealthy in every way. I try to forgive and forget-ish ( I am not sure humans can really accomplish that last part but we can put the subject that makes us grudgy far from our minds by filling our minds with other things)

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on

When people irritate me (which happens with relative frequency) I generally pray and then eat something yummy and find a good story to get lost in.

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve heard someone say?

People say sensible things to me all the time….when they are not spouting nonsense of course….recently though I would have to say the most sensible thing I have heard is “Let’s just move on.”

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength in adults? 

I think it can be both. Some people would be a whole lot stronger if they would just give their emotions an outlet…. God didn’t make us to be emotional eunuchs.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Then there are others …..I just want to shake and say….”Get over it!” …..”It’s time to quit crying and move on!”…..”You are going to die in this valley of tears if you don’t put your big girl/boy pants on and deal with life!”

What small things were you grateful for this week?


I am grateful for all the people who have helped us during our quarantine. So thankful for the family that has been shopping for us, and the lady who has been bringing my mother papers everyday. I am thankful for the people who have made and bought us meals. I am thankful for the lady who brought my sister flowers. I am thankful for the Facebook check-ins and all the prayers!!!!

Share Your World 1-18-21

SHARE YOUR WORLD is a challenge hosted by Melanie from Sparksfromacombustiblemind. In this challenge, Melanie asks us each five questions, or so, and in sharing our answers we share our worlds. Check it out further by clicking the underlined link above.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers….


Why do we dream?

Dreams are such neat things! Sometimes they are just our own subconscious’ trying to work out life’s puzzles by moving things from concrete images to symbolic. Other times our dreams are connections to the spirit realm and can be messages sent to us by spirits that have influence over our lives. That can be both good and bad. It is one of the uses of the gift of discernment of spirits which Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians chapter 12, that allows us to know the source of dreams….at least that is what I think.

Photo by Pixabay on

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

Sometimes. Especially if the people doing the naming have taken some time to think through the naming beforehand. Then again sometimes serendipity takes a hand and matches a name prophetically to a soul as it enters the world.

Photo by Pixabay on

Does hardship make a person stronger?  (example:  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger)

I think it can. That said hardship can also crush a person and make them bitter. I think it really depends on a person’s willingness to endure.

Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions, but judge others by their actions?

I think we do this because it is easier to embrace our own innate hypocrisy than to rise above it.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (Always Optional)

Feel free to share some gratitude in the form of images, photos or writing.  Thanks! 

I am so thankful that there is beauty in the world which still has the power to undo all the ugliness. I will fix my eyes on the beauty….

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8