Share Your World 4-26-21

It is time for me to write the weekly SHARE YOUR WORLD POST. This is the weekly challenge hosted by SPARKS FROM A COMBUSTIBLE MIND. In this challenge we are asked several questions and in answering them we all share our worlds. This week’s questions and my answers are below. When you have finished reading here, pop on over to SPARKS FROM A COMBUSTIBLE MIND and see how her other contributors have answered.


Which would you rather throw away: Love or Money?

I would throw away money. Money really is nothing.

Do you believe you should do one thing a day that scares you?

I think that is a good rule of thumb. When we talk about one thing a day that scares us though we shouldn’t be thinking necessarily of jumping off a cliff or sky diving. We should be thinking about having “that conversation” which is freaking us out or doing that one job we have been putting off because we are really afraid it is too hard.

What’s the last thing you do at night?

.I brush my teeth, use the bathroom and lay straight down to fall to sleep. It never takes me long.

If you could own a mythical creature (unicorn, phoenix, etc.), which one would you pick? (A nod to the soon ending 2021 A-Z Blogging Challenge, my topic this year “Mythical Creatures”) 

I would own a hippogriff. Papo Hippogriff, White & Brown: Toys & Games


What Are You Grateful For? 

I am grateful for a week full of time to write and read?

6 thoughts on “Share Your World 4-26-21

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World Joseph! I enjoyed your ‘scare a day’ answer! You’ve truly got the gist of it or how I think it was supposed to be meant. We don’t have to do something terrifying physically (such as go hunting spiders or something) but to do a challenge a day is a wonderful way to strengthen our inner resolve! Great answers to all your questions, and you’re the first hippogriff ‘owner’! Wonderful choice!

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