What Are You Reading? Take Charge Of Your Destiny by Dr. Alan Keiran

I just finished the book ,  Take Charge Of Your Destiny  by my friend Dr. Alan Keiran who spent some time as a chaplain on Capitol Hill.

Here is the review I wrote about it on GoodReads:

We each have a destiny. That destiny intersects with a greater Kingdom of Heaven plan. We each have to choose that plan because our lives are built on choice. In this book Alan Keiran lays out the choices which determine whether or not we will fulfill our God given destinies.
Alan’s pros are clear, easy to read and understand. His stories from his time in the army and the Senate are engaging. This is a beneficial read.
  JE Lillie

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Here are a couple of my take away quotes from the book.

” You need to accept this truth: If you live life your way-within the limitations of your intellect, physical prowess, persuasive personality, and life experiences- you will miss your destiny without even realizing you’ve been duped ” p. 47

“It’s to those who commit to doing things His way that He (God) entrusts His most important missions ” p.49

You can get a copy of Alan’s book by clicking the image below



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