You’re Part Of the Conspiracy Pt. 2

We are continuing today with the transcript from Sunday’s sermon YOU’RE PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. If you missed part 1 you have only to click on the underlined link and you can catch up there.

Here is Pt. 2

Last week God gave me a prophetic word during second service concerning our involvement in this plan. The word went something like this:

The Lord says I am raising up a generation in these last days and I speak to it. It is not a generation of age or years but a generation of dedication. I speak to it in total not in part, to every age, not a portion or age group.

I speak to you little children for you have just come to know My Son and there is a great journey ahead of you, but I have given you strength for it.

I speak to you young men for you have overcome the evil one but there is much more for you to do. There is much more for you to overcome and you are just coming into your strength.

I speak to you elders and fathers for I am not finished with you yet.

I am about to fall in fire again. Little children you must be clean that my fire does not burn you up. Young men you must prepare that you may harness my fire and use it to light the darkness. Elders you are called to mentor a generation in a Pentecost they have never seen, known or experienced. I summon you to bear witness of the times you recall that a new generation may know the way.

This fire will inconvenience you. It will be uncomfortable. It will be as it was in the past when it cost your forefathers everything to bear the light, but they paid the price so that my Son’s name would be known.

You must not say I am too young or too busy or too old. For I am calling those who are too young and too busy and too old to put aside their youth and their schedules and their age that one last time my Son’s name will be made great in the Earth before the judgment.

Will this be the church? Will this be the generation who answers my call?

Well if we will there are four ways we must answer the call…More tomorrow!

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