Gutters For Jesus!

Good morning readers!  Today I am launching my first giving page for Special Touch REACH New England’s Annual Bowl-A-Thon.

Special Touch is a national ministry to the disabled. The work of Special Touch is to…

to ease and enrich the lives of people impacted by disability.

to provide faith-based support and response to needs that arise in the disability community.


By:Creating a safe, respectful environment for an individual’s potential and value

Relating through Servant hood

making  faith Accessible

through Friendship without reciprocation

using Team based ministry


I have worked with Special Touch for three years as their New England Camp worship leader and last year as their New England Camp evangelist.

In addition I have been privileged to be a member of the core team that launched New England’s first Special Touch chapter, REACH New England .

REACH stands for Respecting Everyone’s Ability to Choose Hope!

Our bowl-a-thon is one of the ways that this vital ministry raises funds to operate.

My team, GUTTERS FOR JESUS, consists of myself, Jody Clapp, Lisa Johnson and Tim Freeman.

Would you consider sponsoring Special Touch through us. It’s easy just go to my first giving page HERE

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