The Forbiddings Pt. 4

We have been discussing over the last several days the nature of the Christian’s authority. Today we continue that discussion in “The Forbiddings Pt. 4”  but if you have missed any of the previous parts of our discussion they can be found in the underlined links below:

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Sunset Prayer

Now here we are at today’s discussion on authority:

So far we have established that, it is vitally important in the days ahead to come to know and understand what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches.

A few weeks ago the Lord began to speak to me in my prayer time and he said, “My people have raised up forbiddings against the enemy in this land. Some have taken up their authority in prayer and they have begun to raise up walls of power in the spirit realm that are shutting the devil out of territory he has controlled for many generations in this land. The enemy has been free to exercise authority in this region for many years because my people did not know they through prayer had the authority to change anything. They did not understand that prayer was more than a wish list but that it was a powerful tool that through persistent use by praying over things again and again they could begin to deal with issues in the spirit realm. Now because of the prayers of some of my people I have raised up forbiddings against the enemy and he is  forbidden or shut out of those areas. He is angry. He has not been forbidden anything for many years in this land and he will not take this lying down. He cannot undo the forbiddings. He cannot unlock the doors my people have locked against him through prayer. But he my people can unlock them. Knowing that he will attack the people in hopes of getting them to unlock the doors and let him back in through frustration or weariness. If my people will not hide behind me during this time they will be greatly tempted to just give in and give up and then they will lose all the ground they have begun to gain.”

Can I ask you this morning. Have you begun pursing God in new ways recently? Have you begun to try to follow God more obediently and are things in life making that journey very difficult? Are you being tempted sometimes to just give up and go back to the way things were. Are you finding yourself saying. “Life was easier when I wasn’t so crazy for God?”

Then you are one of the people being tempted by the Devil. The question is What are you going to do about it?

4 thoughts on “The Forbiddings Pt. 4

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  3. By God’s, it is critical in these times that we recognise and exercise the authority we have in prayer and remain consistent in spite of the backlash and the enemy’s attempts to wear us down or scare us off……it’s by His grace.

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