The Forbiddings Pt. 5

I had to take a brief break from our spiritual discussion on the believer’s authority in Christ due to my writing and pastoring schedule this week, but tonight before I launch into another marathon book edit session I am going to publish the next portion of our discussion.

Here are the last installments to refresh your memory:

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Sunset Prayer

I meditated on the first part of this  message (part 4) for about a week and then in another time of prayer God began to speak to me again about “forbiddings.”

HE said to me, “ My people were not meant to be on the defensive against the enemy all their lives. My people were meant to walk in authority according to Matthew 28:18-20 and Matthew 16 and Luke 10. “But the enemy has raised up “forbiddings” against them. These are called the gates of Hell. They are those areas in people’s lives and relationships where the enemy has built walls and strongholds that the people cannot seem to break through.”

“Just like the enemy has been shut out of certain victories by the prayers of my people so the people have been shut out of certain victories because of the spiritual power the enemy has exerted in areas of their lives. But I have said that ‘the gates of Hell would not prevail against my church’, and I have said ‘the weapons of my people are spiritual and mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.’ The problem is my people are trying to use carnal weapons to tear down spiritual power and that will never work to do anything other than exhaust them. The forbiddings the enemy has built against my people are going to come down but only when my people begin dealing with them using their spiritual weapons.”

Is there any area of your life that you are struggling with? Does it seem like you cannot get victory in that area no matter what you try? Have you been to the doctor and the psychiatrist?  Have you been to therapy and have you tried meds? Have you sought out human counsellors and found they don’t work?  Have you tried confrontation or have you attempted to run away only to find none of those things work? Then its time to  try the spiritual weapons.

In your estimation what spiritual weapons do you possess?

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