An Ear To Heaven


“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Rev 2:17

There are many voices speaking in the world these days. Some cry peace and safety. Others cry murder and mayhem. The truth is both voices are probably half right. This world has always, since, the fall been a mixture of peace and murder…safety and mayhem. Even the Tribulation will have a mixture of the two things albeit increasingly heavy on the murder and mayhem side.

I know many brothers and sisters in the faith who are glued to the world news sources hoping to figure out what is coming when. I can’t say I blame them. I do a fair amount of world news watching and comparative Scripture study to find the prophetic match-ups myself. I think there is a certain amount of wisdom in keeping one ear to the ground, so to speak. However, if one ear is to the ground the other needs to be kept keenly tuned to the sound of Heaven. You see an ear to the ground can only tell us how things are.  In the days ahead we won’t need to listen very hard to figure out how things are. What we will need to listen for is how God wants us to be in the midst of how things are and what God wants to do in the midst of how things are. You see our role as the people of God is to hear the voice of God, the commands of God and to come into agreement with them. Sometimes that will require us to sacrifice. Sometimes agreement will call us to take up our authority. And always it will cause us to hope.

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