Run Away!

Great thoughts about dealing with temptation.


When I was younger, I used to love running with my  cross-country teams during each practice.  It provided an incentive to beat the old” guy and encouraged them to get the best out of themselves (If coach is able to do this, then I should be able to.).  We were fortunate that the area surrounding our school provided a plethora of woodland trails on which we could train.  One year, we actually did a different workout for each practice for the entire season.

Running away

One time in particular, we were running through the woods during bow hunting season.  To avoid the danger of an errant arrow we would make a lot of noise.  None of my runners were hunters and didn’t want to become one later in life.  So they would run through the woods shouting, “Run away!  Run Away!” in high-pitched falsetto voices-ala an old Monte Python skit. We thought…

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