C.cadaOur Current Projects

C.cada is an artist’s collaborative based out of Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA. Our mission is to help people discover, develop and deploy their artistic gifts to build the church and their communities.

Every month we meet together for one whole Saturday to practice our art. The church becomes an art center for a day and we spend it practicing music, learning to paint, crafting, writing and even clowning around (one of our newest artist’s is a Christian clown). We also spend time every month trying out different group art projects to expand our artistic horizons. To see a list of our monthly group projects go to our website


Beyond that C.cada  is constantly encouraging each artist to find a God project on which to use their God given abilities. Currently we have:

five artists working on a design they created for our local hospital’s pediatric playroom (pictures above).

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is getting ready to  host prayer and distribution booths for their healing shawls at both the Relay For Life and our town’s annual Solstice Festival.


Two of our artist’s are creating monthly newletters the first for distribution in church and the second via mail to supporters of Special Needs programs.025

Two of our bloggers have just finished reviews for a new Christian book just hitting the market. You can find those reviews


And Here

And finally our choirs, poets and artists are preparing for an outdoor art expo in town to promote God in the arts and for three services to be held at local dayhabs throughout our region.

What I have found is that there is no shortage of work in the Kingdom of God. If we desire it we can always find something to put our hands and our talents to that will reap an eternal rerward.

4 thoughts on “C.cadaOur Current Projects

  1. Lots of great outreaches and ministry opportunities! You won’t be found idle when He returns, that’s for sure. Nice work, everyone!

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