Fearless In Euroclydon by Jacqueline McDougall

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing Jacqueline McDougall’s first offering to the literary world, Fearless In Euroclydon.

Jacquleine’s  Booktrope publishing manager sent this bio along so my reader’s might get better acquainted with the author:

Jacqueline McDougall is a Christian daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren. She and her husband live in a tiny town of just 300 residents, many of whom are her relatives, in central Illinois. 

In the past fifteen years, Jacqueline has experienced a series of turbulent life events including divorce, suicide of her father, and cancer, and has emerged an overcomer with God’s help. 

In her spare time, Jacqueline’s hobbies include reading, playing the piano and singing, gardening, and dreaming over and designing floor plans for homes. 

Fearless in Euroclydon is her first book.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review this book and to share my thoughts.

Jacqueline has offered a first person memoire of her walk through the storms of life (Euroclydons) as a woman of faith. Her language is encouraging and filled with hope while at the same time being straightforward about the moment to moment struggles that come with walking out the real challenges this world offers to the faithful.

While J.M. is bold in her proclamation of faith her prose are neither stilted nor preachy. For women struggling through difficult circumstances I would highly recommend a read through of Fearless In Euroclydon. 

Further Jacqueline offers some very personal thoughts concerning the battle many in our culture face with weight loss. For anyone struggling with this topic Jacqueline’s journal section will offer an affirming nod about staying on the path through the daily ups and downs.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book were:

I am a farmer’s daughter. A farmer’s daughter! So why did it take 35 years to come to this

realization?  Although the soil can’t do a thing to change its character, it does not have to stay hard or

rocky or thorny-p.15

Praying for others always takes one’s mind off her own troubles.  This is a truth.  Lois knew this. I did too, I had just temporarily forgotten.  If you are having difficulties of any type, particularly depression or other emotional issues, give it a try.  You will see what I mean.- p. 119

In your studies, you may come across other words and phrases such as “taking up one’s cross daily,” “living in Jesus,” “walking the walk,” “crucifying one’s flesh,” etc., being used to describe this concept. These are all Biblical and, as such, the truth. They all also describe an action which cannot be performed just once and then you’ve arrived. And they cannot be done without the help of Holy Spirit. –p. 166

Fearless In Euroclydon is not a how to book. You won’t find three steps to liberation or seven steps to happiness in any of its pages. It is a testimony about the power of God which can flow through any life facing any difficulty no matter how severe. Please consider giving it a read through, particularly if you are facing a Euroclydon of your own.

Here is the link to buy the book from Amazon


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