Quotes From An Artist’s Reboot

Brenda and I are working through a book geared to reboot us as artist’s. We are writing extensively about it over at our other blog Notes From the Vicarage.

But I did want to share a few quotes from the book here:

“Every Child is an artist. The trick is remaining one as a an adult.” Pablo PIcasso

“It is solved by walking.” Augustine of Hippo (note this means if you have a problem take a walk!)

It is important to be very gentle with yourself, especially in the early days of a transition.- Julia Cameron


A Word About Artistry 4-27-19

This “word” came to me in my prayer time the other day. As this is art show weekend at Cornerstone. I thought it was a fitting word to share

True artistry is living out of the authentic self by demonstration. That is not the authentic self we have created in response to the world. Artistry is the expression of the deepest self, the self that is connected to the Creator and is untouched, uninfluenced by the world.- J. Lillie

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C.cada Artist’s Conversation #1

C.cada is an artist’s community based in Winchendon MA. Our mission is:

 to give artists from every genre an opportunity to come together to discover, develop, and deploy their talents in ways that will better the church and the community.

This month I am beginning an online discussion with the artists of C.cada to discover their thoughts on the subject of Christian art. Anyone can join in so let me hear your voice.

Here is our first discussion question:

What is the difference between these two statements:

“I make art.”

“I am an artist.”


C.cada and the May Baskets


A May basket table.

Every month our church’s artist ministry, C.cada, gets together to do its personal and group art work. The morning is given to personal work and the afternoon is given to a group project. April was the month we set aside to make May Baskets as an outreach to our shut-in and elderly congregants.


Artist Lynn Roux


Artist Ken Knowlton

The camaraderie at the tables was great.


But the most fun was handing them out. We collaborated with the Children’s ministry at our church and on  April 30th we took a few hours to hand out 32 May baskets in our community.


Bigger news still a Dayhab we work with in music ministry has asked us to come in and help make 57 more baskets for their Individuals on May 12th!

C.cada February 2017 Project

Yesterday was our artist’s gathering, C.cada. Every afternoon the artists meet together to do a group project or exercise.

In yesterday’s exercise we were given a picture of a “Blob” It looked to me kind of like an ice cream cone with eyes.

Our instructions were to use any art form we wanted to create a piece of art inspired by “the blob”. Our only boundary was that the work had to speak to some spiritual reality.

The blob itself was sort of comical. At first I thought I would have to write something light and funny. Then I got thinking about the word amorphous. It took me back to the root Morph and then to Morpheus the Greek God of dreams. In Medieval Lit Morpheus is depicted as a supernatural being who wears a coat, half white and half black. He stands before two gates, one of horn and one of ivory. One gate leads to false dreams and the other leads to true dreams. From these thoughts came the following.


by JE Lillie

Image result for Gates of horn and ivory

At the gates of horn and ivory

King Friday’s court, Big Bird’s nest

Iran, Iraq and Israel 

All play their best.

The boundary between fairy tale

And fairly true lies blurred.

Subterfuge is diction.

Awake is falsehood.

Asleep is just life’s dream.

It’s in the place between,

When nighttime shudders me off in cold embrace

Or grace of sunrises kiss my temples,

Then for moments

Waking, sleeping, amorphous

Morpheus becomes

The pie-bald singer of reverie

There I hear the truth

And know the lies.