Tradition or Intention?

What are your killer traditions

Another Red Letter Day

So for the sake of your tradition you have made void the word of God. – Matthew 15:6 ESV

What traditions are you holding on to that empty God’s Word of it power?

These traditions of men can be picked up in church, or at home. They can be learned from peers or from teachers. We build them for our kids, and practice them with our parents.

There are truths we hold onto that keep us from walking the the light of the Word of Jesus.

These traditions Jesus speaks of are not simply rituals that we observe or methods of doing things that we hold sacred. They are philosophies and theologies that militate against the work of God in our lives.

Simple question today – are there traditions in your live—in my life—that keep me—us—from the power of God’s Word—Jesus?

OH – and did I mention that tradition is…

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