Things You Should Tell a Ten- Year- Old

Rochelle hosts a group of some 100 writers weekly to tell tales from a picture she posts. The stories have to float around that magic number 100. So they don’t take too long to read. If you will click on the picture below it will take you right to Rochelle’s site and you can read all 100 or so stories there.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Photo by: Roger Bultot

Before you go here is my 100-word story.

Things You Should Tell a Ten -Year- Old

by JE Lillie

My mother was one of them helicopter moms.

I didn’t mind her cutting the crust off my sandwiches or ironing my underpants. I guess I didn’t even mind her brushing my teeth but she never even let me play outside. She said it was too dangerous.

Here’s a heads-up hover moms, boys need to play. She may have locked up her gun, but the bullets she kept in her top drawer.

How was I to know you shouldn’t bake gun powder? The explosion was epic!

17 thoughts on “Things You Should Tell a Ten- Year- Old

  1. It does seem to suppose that boys who play outside don’t set fire to things. I am living proof that is not so. 😉
    Good piece.

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