“But wait,… for a limited time only….”

Will you call on the Lord Jesus today?


How many times have we heard those words or something similar while watching an infomercial on TV?  Most of them finish with, “Act now and receive a second one absolutely free.”  Well, it’s not exactly free.  You do have to pay shipping and handling.  And you can bet that the price of the first item covers the cost of the second.  TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, movies, social media–all of these present advertising, trying to convince us what to buy to make our lives happier.  Other sales pitches involve free gifts–if you try their product.  Somehow they never end up being totally free.

 Image result for free gift from God

Some people spend their whole lives going from one secular promise of happiness and fulfillment to another.  Each time, their sense of self-worth and happiness is sparked.  Unfortunately, that spark never lights the fire of true joy.  You need more than a spark to light a fire. …

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