True North

God  shared with me a few years ago that my travels needed to be ordered and approved by Him. I sort of concluded that meant I would be travelling less. I expected that I would be shelving my love for wandering… at least for a while. Nothing could have been further from the truth. If anything my journeys have increased in number; But now they are with a purpose.

This week’s trip sent me north to Waldoboro ME, to help out my brother-in-law who was recuperating from surgery. It was not a vacation in the strictest sense of the word. It was something far better.

I arrived at Midnight on the 21st.

Midnight in Waldoboro

Midnight in Waldoboro

I met and chatted with my brother-in-law’s friend, Janet who had been his driver to and from the surgery and who  stayed with him until I could get there. I walked Gideon (the dog), stowed my gear and finally bedded down on the couch about 2:30 A.M.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were spent walking the dog, making meals, visiting with Cliff and making sure he was taking his medicine. I am the mean nurse :). We did shoot out to the bank and the store on Friday to make sure he was stocked up for the weekend storm. We shared faith and watched a lot of movies. I finished my sermon and kept tabs with my office by cell phone. All in all it was a quiet three days in Maine farm country.

Here are a few photos:

I left Cliff much recovered on Saturday morning and headed down the coast stopping in Haverhill MA to see my daughter and her beau for lunch. Not to worry folks I kept it limited to veggies and fruits in keeping with Lent! Can I just say, travelling for God’s purpose is so much more fun than just going on vacation!

James Franklin and Melanie Lillie

James Franklin and Melanie Lillie

What have you been doing for excitement this winter?

12 thoughts on “True North

  1. Actually here in the Bahamas we are wondering where the winter went……this seems to be one of the warmest/hottest winters ever……my mum is in her 70’s and she thinks it is her warmest ever……,,so because of the warmth, recreation-wise, we are doing the normal island things…..:)…….continue to enjoy each travel step the Lord orders…:)

  2. I had the pleasure of attending to a dog similar to that one when a neighbor was out of town. And this past Saturday, attended the annual quilt festival that visits our area the end of February. Then back to hibernation for a little while longer.

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