Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 14

I am coming back to a list of five questions I started meditating on while I was in Maine. The questions were posted by Cyndi Lu at

Today’s meditational question: What are you not letting God control?

I have grown by leaps and bounds in letting God have the reigns of my life over the last several years but there are still some areas where I need to surrender control to God. I guess if it comes right down to it we are not talking about a tug- of- war between my control and God’s control. The areas of my life where I am holding out on God are not under my control either. They are just out of control.

For instance, God told me a while ago that I needed to schedule my rest and my Sabbath; It needed to become intentional. I needed to value my rest time as important as my ministry time for my own health. I obeyed Him. I now schedule my days off. I even schedule naps. I don’t take them. But at least they are scheduled 😦

I guess I struggle because I fear negative reactions from men. I think it goes deeper than that though. Admitting I need rest is to proclaim I am weak. There is a lie in there somewhere that I am believing.

As I pondered this question 2 other areas also popped up that I need to spend some time praying about. This is good stuff…life-changing stuff. I thank Jesus that He is transforming my heart.

Do you struggle with guilt over taking a break? How do you deal with it?

6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 14

  1. Pastor J . ..I do struggle with taking a break. I feel I have to be doing something, all the time. I still have to keep taking it to God as I live within a family that assigns worth by the amount of work you do. I’m way behind! 🙂 God bless you!

  2. It’s not about guilt for me–more like, I’m running out of time, and trying to make up for lost years–which is stupid, because God will provide sufficient years for us to accomplish what He has destined for us to do. Although my identity, security and value are IN Christ–there’s still a part of me that wants strokes from folks; which, if I work fast and furiously enough, maybe I’ll get…

  3. For many years I was never conscious of needing a break and in fact was always much more relaxed and happy when I was really pushed time-wise. I only required a few hours of sleep but slept very soundly for that time and woke ready for action. The only ‘rest’ I needed for my special time “alone” with the Lord each early morning. Now, in advancing years, I am conscious of a need for a rest at times, and I willingly take it – not sleeping, but relaxing.

    So while that isn’t a struggle, it doesn’t mean I don’t face others.

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