Share Your World 2-22-21

It is time for SHARE YOUR WORLD. This is the weekly challenge where our hostess Melanie asks several questions and in answering them we share bits of our world.

This week’s questions and my answers are found below. When you have finished reading my answers please use the underlined link to go to Melanie’s site and see how her other contributors have answered the questions.


QUESTIONS:  (an “odd” basket full today)

Have you ever ‘butt dialed” someone?  (‘butt dialed’ means have you ever made a phone call that you weren’t aware of making, because the buttons on the phone got pushed by your sitting on them (in your pocket) OR having something in your handbag press against them?).

Yes I have done this a few times, but I have had others (especially my son) “butt-dial” me more than I have done it myself.

If you were given 1000 acres of land, what would you do with it?

I would look at it for a long time. I love big tracts of land, especially when they come equipped with chairs.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on-line recently? 

May be an image of text that says 'THE GROUNDHOG SAID SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER SO I ATE HIM'
May be an image of snow

Have you ever eaten something off the floor?  ‘5 second’ rule applies or not (the ‘5 second rule’ is that if you pick up the dropped food within a set time frame, it’s still ‘clean’ and you can safely eat it)?

Of course! Especially when the food is too good to sweep away and throw out….Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I would eat supper off the floor or anything, but a dropped crust or a cookie or something….sure.

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

Feel free to share your gratitude with everyone in the form of a quote, a thought or an image.

The real gift of gratitude is meme - AhSeeit

8 thoughts on “Share Your World 2-22-21

  1. Love the pictures of the land and the sunset! And LOL at the groundhog! It snowed more here today, I am ready for Spring!
    Yes, I have eaten things off the floor too, sometimes they are too good to waste!
    So many things I am thankful for, not sure where to start! God has blessed me loving family and friends! ❤

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