So back in a post just after New Year I said….”My goal this year is two-fold: Community and Stewardship. I intend to build community… and I intend to steward all my artistry towards kingdom provision.

This was in a blog entitled ….You May Have Noticed.

I mentioned in there somewhere that in order to build community I had to write blogs that were better conversation starters. Well in that I have succeeded.

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The conversations over the last few weeks have been just awesome. Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has been engaging in this on line community experiment called Lillie-Put 2021!

I feel like one of the things the world needs more of is civil discourse, more community engagement that doesn’t involve shouting, name calling, or armed revolt.

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Here are a few of the folks I have been engaging in conversation these last few weeks.

Deborah Ann


Lisa M Boyd


VJ Knutson

New Lune



There are others as well, but this is just the beginning of a list showing what a community can be built here in the blogosphere if we just put in a little time working with each other and sharing the love.

Thanks everyone!

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