Share Your World From 6-1-20

This week I had trouble sticking to my writing regimen. Still, I am learning that when you fall off the writing horse you have to get write back on. This post may be a few days later than I planned, but at least it is getting done.

It is time to SHARE MY WORLD WITH ALL OF YOU. This is the weekly challenge where our hostess, Melanie, asks several questions and in answering them, we give our readers a peek into our worlds.

You can find out more about the challenge by clicking the underlined link above. But for now here are the week’s questions and my answers:



Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

This is a very old and very broad question. It leads to a bunch of “what-ifs” the answers to which have filled philosophy books for generations upon generations and scrolls upon scrolls before there were books. The truth is….I don’t know…it depends…maybe….probably not.

The truth is even if I have somehow managed to avoid breasking man’s laws I have surely transgressed God’s laws and I am constantly found wanting. I am so glad Christ has offered grace for this trangressor.

Do you deal with change well?  (not money, because I know some wit out there is thinking how bulky coins are. Well I did any how.    ) 

I like to think I have improved in this area, but my first reaction to change is still to resist it. I try though never to stick with my first reaction.

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?   

I love birds. I feed the wild birds in my yard everyday and am currently in the process of making more feeders.

What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

It used to be my hat, but now that I am going bald I find I wear one to keep my head from scalding. That said I am still not very good at wearing gloves in the winter.


If you care to share, what are you grateful for?  

It was this girl’s birthday yesterday.

Image may contain: Melanie Franklin, standing, child and outdoor

I am so glad I got to see her and her fam for a short socially distanced visit. We didn’t get to hug, but at least we got to see each other.

4 thoughts on “Share Your World From 6-1-20

  1. Thanks so much Joseph for Sharing Your World!! The photo is AWESOME…let me guess…Princess Leia of Star Wars was featured in the nuptials? 😆 I found your answers to be very thoughtful and obviously pondered over, so the whole time thing (which isn’t truly’s important to share though. Thanks) is moot. Good for you for taking our avian friends into consideration and helping them find some food!

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