Share Your World 11-25-19


Happy Thanksgiving world! For me and mine this is a week to give thanks for the abundant blessings which have been poured into our lives.

One of those blessings is SHARE YOUR WORLD. this weekly forum which helps many of us keep touch with those we have met on the blogosphere. So before I go a step further with this week’s challenge I want to say thank you to our hostess Melanie and her predecessor Cee who have kept us all connected for so many years! THANKS LADIES!

Here are this week’s connecting questions from Melanie and my answers. When you have finished reading my responses please click on the words “SHARE YOUR WORLD” in the paragraph above and connect with Melanie’s other subscribers.

  • What did you have for dinner last night?
  • Last night I made chicken parmigiana or at least my version of it. It was a little too spicy. I will fix that next time I try it out.
  • Would you rather go out on a Saturday night or stay in?
  • It depends on the week truthfully. If I have been out all day on Saturday doing ministry then I want to stay in and rest because Sunday is always a big day and it never pays to tackle a Sunday exhausted.

    How are you, truthfully?

    Truthfully I am exhausted. But I am starting to rest. My new schedule is giving me some much needed breathing space and quiet time. I had not really realized how much energy I was giving out and how little I was retaining. I am beginning to feel much more balanced, but I can already feel the expectations of people beginning to try and draw me out of the opportunity for quiet. God keeps reminding me in my prayer times that I must choose the quiet.

    What’s the best topping/ice cream combination?  If you don’t eat ice cream, what’s your favorite combination dessert?  (Example: pie and ice cream or pie and whipped cream – that sort of answer)

    Pineapple and hot chocolate with marshmallow and whipped cream!

An Attitude of Gratitude:


Share Your Gratitude with a thought (quote), a picture or a short paragraph.  Most of us have lots to be grateful for, more than we might realize.   Happy Thanksgiving and have a great week! 


I am so grateful for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. I am grateful for another year to serve the Lord. I am grateful for the recent schedule changes which are giving me a chance to really prioritize certain parts of my life which have been too long neglected.


2 thoughts on “Share Your World 11-25-19

  1. Thank you Joseph for Sharing Your World. Yes, rest is an integral part of a balanced and healthy life, moreso perhaps if one is a busy pastor!! I’m glad you can gather your energy during a down time! That chicken sounds delicious, but it’s easy enough to overdo the spices if one isn’t careful. Sounds yummy, as did your dessert choice! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Joseph!

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