Share Your World 11-12-19

It is time once again to Share My World with Melanie! This is the weekly challenge where Melanie asks some questions and in answering them we share our worldsSYWRainbows

Here are this week’s sharing questions and my answers. When you have finished take a  trip to Melanie’s blog by clicking HERE TO SEE HOW HER OTHER CONTRIBUTORS ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS

  1. Is copying and pasting images or information off the Internet plagiarism?   Do you credit those whose work you ‘borrow freely’ or do you think the idea is repugnant?   (Credit for this question goes to GC and Sue)                                                                                I generally try to give credit where credit is due or I try to use stock images if I am using pictures.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  2.  Do you let sleeping dogs lie?                                                                                                             Unless they are my dogs I try to give sleeping dogs a wide berth.
  3.  What’s the strangest pet name (for adults) that you’ve ever heard someone called?           Stinky.
  4.  Do you like to dance?   If yes, what’s your favorite and if no, why not?

I do not dance mostly because I look like I am having a seizure when I do.


Gratitude Question:

November brings Thanksgiving to Americans.  I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too, but I believe it’s in October.   Does your country celebrate a similar holiday?   If you’d like, share some traditions you observe around Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what are some traditions you have?

I love the old fashioned American Turkey. My sister lives in the Netherlands (when she is not home on intineration) and turkey over there has to be imported so it is super expensive. Still her colleagues get together and celebrate American Thanksgiving even though Sinter Klaus comes right on the heals of that on Dec. 5th.

3 thoughts on “Share Your World 11-12-19

  1. Thanks Joseph for Sharing Your World! Thanks too for sharing a Netherland’s tradition. Isn’t “Sinter Klaus” their version (language wise anyway) of Santa Claus? I’ve heard that about the Netherlands…that getting some foods there is really pricey! It’s too cold to raise turkeys I presume?

    • I am not sure what the deal is with the turkeys. I just know they don’t have any. Sinter Claus is the holiday where Santa Claus or their version of him comes from the mountains of Spain along with his elf black Peter to give gifts to the children. Santa Claus or father Christmas visits each city on his horse throughout that season and there is a big celebration. Then on December 25 they celebrate Christmas which is much quieter involves going to church and having your family gathering around A meal. Many times it is goose, wild boar, dear, or even horse

    • Of course my sister is the expert I’ve never even experienced the holiday over there so my food choices could be a little off. But it is quite a time of celebration. And then on January 1 I don’t think anybody does fireworks like the Dutch

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