Some Thoughts On the Prophetic

God has been speaking to our church about how He desires to move in the prophetic among us. Sunday morning our lead Pastor, Dan Lewiston, preached a message called “Bungee Chord Faith.” During that message God began to speak to me about some things which He is calling our congregation to in order for Him to move prophetically amongst us.

Here are some of the things I understood from the sermon.

Accuracy in the prophetic requires stillness.

Accuracy in the prophetic requires absolute slavery to Christ, which is a complete renunciation of our rights.

In the church authority and slavery go hand in hand. That is the nature and definition of meekness.

There is more, but I will share it in an upcoming post. If you want to hear the whole sermon f Bungee Chord Faith you can jump over to OUR FAMILY BLOG HERE.

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