Do My White Socks Offend You? Pt. 2

Do My White Socks

Yesterday I began publishing by degrees the transcript of my sermon from Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA. This was our Palm Sunday service at Cornerstone and I believe it is a prophetic message to our church about the season we are in. Perhaps, though, it will also resonate with you.

To hear the whole service you can click HERE.

To see yesterday’s portion of the transcript you can click HERE.
Now on to today’s portion of the message:

Over the course of my 20 odd years here as a Pastor several of you in the congregation have taken note of my exquisite fashion sense. Among the more commented fashion choices I make is the fact that I often…OK…almost always wear white socks with dress pants, and yes sometimes in the summer I wear white socks with sandals and dress pants. This has been a sermon mention from the pulpit almost as many times as my love of Moxie and in fact more than one lady in the congregation has gifted me dress socks at Christmas (and even other occasions) so that I would have something appropriate to wear. One dear woman even gave me a pair of black socks, and instructed me to put them away for her funeral because there was no way she was allowing the preacher at her funeral to wear white socks with his black suit.

 Pastor Jen asked me a few weeks after she and Pastor Dan arrived why I chose to wear my white socks with dress pants.

I told her “Pastor Jen this is my way of stickin it to the man.”

In other words this is my way of resisting the status quo. It is my way of setting myself apart. It is my line in the sand.

 Now in the grand scheme of things my wearing white socks is not much of a line in the sand. It certainly does not come up to the level of Jesus riding into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey and by that act proclaiming Himself King of the World. Do my white socks offend you? Well hold on because as a Christian I haven’t even really gotten started drawing my line in the sand. 

You know, we all have our own versions of white socks with dress pants which we use to make us stand out from the crowd. They are those things that cause the crowds in little and big ways to stand up and take notice of us.

Does your version of white socks with dress pants offend some people? Well hold on Christian because you haven’t even really begun drawing your line in the sand like Jesus did. But you are going to, if you hang around this thing called Christianity much longer. That is because God is bringing our church, this church called Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA, to a place where we are going to stop drawing little tiny lines in the sand saying “there that is my uniqueness.” He is going to bring us to a place where we stop calling little choices big choices and where we start getting down to brass tax like Jesus did on Palm Sunday all those years ago. We are about to begin making some big and bold statements about who our God is in this land and about who we are as the children of God. We are going to begin drawing some lines in the sand. We are going to start having triumphal entries of our own. That is going to make the world sit up and take notice of us and more importantly of the God we serve.

Christian if you hang around here much longer you are going to become a person who lives by faith and who steps out of the shadows so that the Jesus inside of you can be clearly seen by men as the Savior of mankind!

So let me ask are you going to stick it out?

More tomorrow!


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