A Question a Day From Rory #10


Well today brings us to the final post in answering Rory’s 10 Thought Provokers. You can click that underlined link to see all ten questions together.

I am not exactly sure what list of questions I will tackle next, probably Melanie’s questions over at Share Your World.

But for now I am focused on this one question coming from Rory.

Do you own your things or do your things own you?

I come from a family of collectors. Being a collector is different than being a hoarder but only by degree. So I would say I go through bouts of my things owning me. But when I was married I learned how to throw things…everything…away. We lived by a pretty strict rule that said. If you don’t use it you throw it. Today I am confortable giving most things away except for books. I never learned how to let go of books.



3 thoughts on “A Question a Day From Rory #10

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