Share Your World Dec. 10, 2018


It is time once again to SHARE OUR WORLDS! We all do this by answering the weekly share questions posed by our hostess Melanie and then linking back to her site to join the sharing community.

What’s the worst topping you could put on popcorn?   (credit to Teresa for this one)

I don’t know about the worst topping but I can tell you I do like pop corn mixed with Good-N-Plenty which I thought would be weird but discovered was actually quite good.

In what country did Silent Night originate?

Germany, Stille Nacht

(WARNING! The following question is NOT meant to start a fuss.  It’s merely a good discussion question in my opinion.  Most everyone knows where I stand on this. If you feel like arguing about it, please give it a pass.) We’re all adults and sensible ones at that.  We can be mature about such things, right?

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? How about if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist?

Well if God didn’t exist and all this was really just an accident I would probably enjoy this whatever it is to the best of my ability realizing there was nothing beyond. If God does exist however then I have to live in light of my understanding of eternity and the fact that this thing I am living now is only one very small part of the existence I have set before me.

And last question:

What is the scariest non banned item you could take on to a plane?

My mother. She hates to ttravel.



Which version of the holiday celebration do you and your family enjoy?  By this I mean do you follow Jewish traditions with Hanukkah; Christian celebrations with Christmas and (for those over the pond) Boxing Day; or some other festivities that I’ve overlooked?   Please do share with everyone!  I truly feel that this sort of question lets us know a little more about our fellow bloggers without getting too personal (i.e. revealing too much of private lives, which some folks prefer to keep private.)

I really enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas morning church service.


2 thoughts on “Share Your World Dec. 10, 2018

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World and the lovely view you have with everyone! 🙂 P.S. (although, like YOU I thought Stille Natch was the original…if that hymn/song is German, then it’s not quite the answer we were looking for…Austria (which apparently some people think is synonymous with Germany anyway ) is our country of origin. 😀

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