Sacred Sundays 5-28-17 Off The Res

Well folks, I have been off the reservation for about a week. The posts you have all been reading from me were mostly posted before I left for our annual network conference last Sunday.

This week has seemed like one continual church service. Last Sunday: We celebrated the achievements of our youth pastor, Brad Hackett, during his final service with us before he and his family move to Willimantic CT. ; We met our new interim pastor, Tim Moen; Then we headed to two and half days of conference in Providence RI with our Network.

Wednesday I had two funerals to perform and Thursday I had a third funeral to attend. Friday I led youth group as we await our interim youth pastor. Yesterday was the celebration luncheon and roast for our Lead pastor and his wife as they prepare for their final Sunday (today). They will soon be departing for their new church posting in Canada.

All the loss and transition has left me a little emotionally drained; So this is my song for the day.

Learn more about the artist Guy Penrod Here


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