5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays 3-9-17

    • Well it’s a quote from Job and many say that Job was speaking out of his pain and blaming God for something that should not have been put on God’s tab because God does not take away. He’s a giver. I’m of the mind that God knows what should and shouldn’t be in my life and He takes away what shouldn’t be there and puts in what should. Sometimes he and I have a difference of opinion about what I need. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion on what is a blessing. Over thirty-five years of serving I have come to understand that when we have a difference of opinion it is never God who is wrong. When something I like vanishes I ask God to restore it if it is the enemy taking it away and to show me if it is something He is actually delivering me from. I’ve been delivered from a lot of things I liked and actually loved over the years. It wasn’t pleasant but it was necessary and eventually good.

      • This helps immensely, as obviously we would want God to remove that which is harming us, or will harm us in future. I was concerned for a second that it meant He takes away good things because He’s a “jealous” God…which I don’t recall Him ever doing in my 60+ years, but have heard people say it in regard to incredibly silly things (a woman who claimed God took away her singing because she’d made it an “idol”). I’ve also heard people say He takes people away (whether again due to idolatry)–more often through death or illness. Current preaching I follow is that illness and death are not God’s desire at all, and thus He would not author it by cruel choice. Such loss is rather a result of the fallen condition, and part and parcel of the enemy’s domain–as I understand it.

      • I agree with you. That said I have had God take away things I liked because they were in the way or because I had made them more important than Him. I believe it was God who took me out of a position of ministry I liked very much to teach me I was making my identity about the job rather than about Him. He put me in a ministry to one person an hour away from my home and through that one to one ministry to a disabled man opened up a Bible study for inner city kids to show me that for”God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” Rom. 11:29 but the call is not about a “job” it is about my identity in Christ. It was a very good lesson. It took me a while to get it.

      • Wow–very revealing. I’ll be pondering how and where this might apply to me, during my prayer time in a short while…”gifts and calling”, “job”, “identity”.

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