Evening Meditation 12-30-16


Blow them away like chaff in the wind—
    a wind sent by the angel of the Lord.
Make their path dark and slippery,
    with the angel of the Lord pursuing them.
I did them no wrong, but they laid a trap for me.
    I did them no wrong, but they dug a pit to catch me.
So let sudden ruin come upon them!
    Let them be caught in the trap they set for me!
    Let them be destroyed in the pit they dug for me. Psalm 35:5-8

How does this prayer fit into the law which says, “You reap what you sow”?

7 thoughts on “Evening Meditation 12-30-16

  1. Well, I’ve heard differing teachers’ opinions–I’ve heard that Believers don’t reap what they sow (according the the Law)…although there are natural consequences to all that we do, for good or bad. God can still make good from our bad, and it doesn’t change His love for us. I guess sometimes it alters the destiny He planned for us…although I’m not even 100% sure on that, because the Word says He’ll finish the good work He began in us–so it sounds like His mighty power can fix just about any screw-up man can get him/herself into, and still place him where God knows he’ll succeed, and bring glory to Himself. Ponder, ponder…

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