10 Answers for a Yellow World

My Dear Yellow World has asked her readers to answer 10 questions.

These are my answers.  Check out Yellow’s  blog by clicking the underlined link above.

Is there any painting that represents you/your dreams?

Oh what a good question to ask the guy who runs an artist’s collaborative! I think the painting that most represents my life right now is “The Voyage Of Life” painted by Thomas Cole in 1842

Image result for Thomas Cole Voyage Of Life Series

If you could meet someone from the past, who would it be?

I wish I could meet so many people and truth be told I probably will meet them sometime in eternity but I think I would really like most to meet and have a conversation with my great great great grandfather Lorenzo Tandy who was a minister in Massachusetts during the holiness movement.

What is your biggest fear in life?

Not being enough.

How would you name your “biography book”?

The Frenetic Couch Potato

Which is your favorite recipe? (would love if you share it so we can all try it)

Kielbasa Casserole:

Cut up and fry Kielbasa and onions together

Cook egg noodles until tender

Mix together in a pot with a container of sour cream.


I’m a pretty simple guy.

What´s the best compliment you have ever received?

One I have not received yet but one day will by faith…”Well done thou good and faithful servant! Enter now into the joy of the Lord!”

Which book you think everyone in the world should read?

The Bible. But I think we should do more than just read it. The Bible should be read studied and memorized.

Would you prefer a planned or a spontaneous trip?


Which word would you use to describe yourself?


What´s the rarest way in which you met a friend?

I met my best friend in sixth grade math class. He is the friend who has tracked with me through the entirety of my life. He was Snoopy in the eighth grade musical. I was Charlie Brown. We were in band together all through high school. He was  the best man at my wedding and I was the best man at his wedding. He was the one I dumped on when I went through my divorce and I would like to think I have been there to hear his worst moments.We have had moments when we didn’t get along very well and we have had moments where we supported each other no matter what. He has led worship beside me for the last thirty years. He is the rarest of friends. Thanks Jody!

Now click the underlined link at the top of the page and check out Yellow’s blog!

3 thoughts on “10 Answers for a Yellow World

  1. Ohh man!!!!! WHAT A POST!!! Thanks for your DEDICATION, yes “dedicated” fits you perfectly!!! I enjoyed reading this a lot!! First of all, the painting, i really liked your choice, not so common but very profound (and im so glad to see you are an artsy guy)!!! Your recipe sounds so easy and good, i must try it.. thanks for sharing it!!! About your fear in life… i can tell you one thing, you shouldnt be afraid of this at all.. YOU ARE ENOUGH. More than enough. God created you so perfectly exactly the way you are!!! Dont you ever doubt that!.. Also so great to see you have such a close friend, those friendships are the best 💛 💛 You are such a wonderful person! I am very glad to learn more about you, dear friend!!!!!!

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