Run Pt. 3

We have been going through Sunday’s sermon at Cornerstone, entitled “Run”, point by point.

If you missed Pt. 1 find it HERE.

If you missed Pt. 2 you can find that HERE.

Here is Pt. 3

We finished yesterday asking, “So what are some ways that people run?”

 Some people “run away.”

Listen, we all know the world is getting dark: The United Kingdom just voted to leave the EU and the world is speculating what the future of that alliance is; Refugees continue to stream in to Europe from Syria and the Middle East sparking controversy about terrorism; Shootings across our country have us questioning the Constitution itself; The upcoming elections have our country more divided than any other time in history since the Civil War; The church itself seems threatened by political pressure from the outside and unbelief from the inside.

In light of such circumstances Psalm 11 asks, “When the foundations are being destroyed,what can the righteous do?”

Some would say the answer is just to run away or withdraw from society; Stock up on food; Stock up on fuel; Arm your sons and hide your daughters; Flee to the mountains! Withdraw from society.

That is what some people say is the answer. But is it the Christian answer?

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