A Day At Ccada 5-21-16


Our monthly artist’s gathering at Cornerstone Church in Winchendon MA was almost a week ago now. Because of our Network Pastor’s Council I am just finishing up this post today.

Our group is dubbed C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist’s Day Apart).  We are a group of people dedicated to giving each other space to do our work and to helping each other figure out how to use our gifts for the good of the church and the community. All of the shawls above were made by the ladies below. They are the Prayer Shawlers. They are preparing to give out prayer shawls at our local Walk For Cancer next month.image

These are some of our artists hard at work. They are getting ready for our next Show-N-Tell in July.image

Norma and Patti are doing an on-line class in balloon bending as they prepare for a summer festival where we will be setting up .image

Every month we do a different art form study. This month our study was in watercolor. We had seventeen folks exploring this art form with teacher Charlotte Dorais.





Next month we will be hosting an informational outreach booth at Winchendon’s Summer Solstice Festival. Come visit us on June 18th.

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